Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Nightmare of Bunny! (#2)

It's always a little surprising to people when I go a little KPOP and not strictly hip hop but I'm going to go into our next Nightmare video....

Grace Trick or Treat

This one is not my favorite of Grace's but I do like this song :D...

She looks pretty in this video though.

샤내's Thankful Party: Intro

Welcome to Shanea's Thankful Party! This month I'll showcase a random Korean-related thing I'm thankful for every day of the month. It's going to be goofy, but 100% serious at the same time. 

Stay tuned! It all starts tomorrow :)



In honor of this day, let's look at some great gifs, yes?

 I'm officially Taehyung trash. It's super official...

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween: Darkest Music Videos: Week 2

(Okay, guys this cracked me up probably a lot more than it should have)

Cross Gene - Black or White

This music video has an amazing concept. The black and white versions of perception. There's the innocent side (white) because of course you know Heaven and all things good are associated with white/lights/etc... Then there is the bad evil side (black) which features things such as death, despair, horror. This music video was so fitting for this series we were doing I didn't even care about doing the rest. When we started planning this series, I knew from the minute I decided to do darkest music videos that I needed to include this video. 

And in the music video they're all experiencing scary/bad situations. And their evil counterparts are coming after them..

It's a very dark and creepy music video. But very well thought out. Definitely worth looking into. 

Stay creepy, lovelies. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (THEMED) (10/25/17)

Block B - Jackpot

Of course this was going to be on here, guys. It's clowns. Duh. So fitting that this months last themed blast from the past would be clown related. I personally love this music video and song.. But there's just something about clowns running around and creepy amusement parks... And ya know, getting knives thrown at you... That just throws up a huge red flag. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

November Series: Thankful for...?

This November we're doing a series featuring things we are thankful for. 

Whether this be small posts throughout the month or just one big post to sum up everything Korean-related we're thankful for... This month is sure to hold a lot of thankful-ness from our HAS writers. 

Starting November 1st. 

The Nightmare Of Bunny! (#1)

So going along with the series.  I'll be looking a some of the music videos/songs that give you the creeps, the spooks, and just the HEEBEJEEBEES lol so lets get to it. Our first song is....

SPEED ... Zombie Party 
OKAY so you kinda know any opportunity I get to put Woo Tae Won out there I'm gonna do it. People seem to forget that he was a part of this group until pretty recently actually. He actually composed this song and a lot of their other songs which I've said before I believe. ANYWAY that being said.

SPEED to me never really got the promotion they deserved. A lot of their videos can be kind of Halloween themed. "Don't tease me" for example.  But this video is just spookie.

This song always made me laugh mainly because the song doesn't match the video. It's kinda of an up beat dance type song, and when you think of zombie you think spookie. BUT MY BOO IS IN IT.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Show Me the Money 6 Round 7

AYYYYYYYYEEEE!!! .... sup.. hahaha Lets jump back into it it's another round of show me the money. Ya'll ready?

So if you remember last round it was a team roast ( I like to call it that) battle. This round is another team battle but it has several different competitions in one. ONE you have a mic hand over. What this is, is a team picks two people to battle for a spot to preform a song with them. It's the same song, but either of the contestants can preform. At the end of rehearsals the set of producers (judges) gets to pick who they want to go on stage with them. Now the important part is, the one who doesn't get chosen has to go home. Then with the person they choose they battle their opposing team and the one with the least amount of money is sent home. TWO is the solo competition. In this competition the producers pick one person to preform a solo performance. That contestant battles against the opposite teams solo artist. Sounds easy right. But in that battle of the solos who ever doesn't earn enough money has to go home. Basically this boils down to everyone losing at least two members of their teams. 

Opposing teams are chosen by the two losers of the roast round and the two winners of the roast round. Meaning Team CoDean and Team DynamicDuo battle and Team DoPark and Team Tiger go against each other. 

At first I was so confused on how this would go, but once you watch it it's easy to figure out. 

So Zico and Dean are first performance and it's the Mic hand-off. They chose two contestants Killagramz and Hash Swan. You could tell Hash Swan was really nervous and it showed. I personally didn't want him to leave so I was really rooting for him, but in the end it was Killagramz who got the spot. His performance was actually pretty good. He was very energetic and took over the stage well. BUT like I said he may have one this battle but does he win the the team battle? 

Killagramz has to battle someone from Dynamic Duo's team. So for their Mic Hand-Off they chose... Ryno and Han Hae. I've been so wishy washy over Han Hae lol I'll like him one mine and then the next I'm kinda like MEH.... Ryno the same... But Dynamic Duo see's more potential in Han Hae and he gets the mic to perform with them and mannnnn that was a good choice cause to me he KILLS his performance.  

Who wins the battle ? Killagramz vs Han Hae? .... HAN HAE of course leaving Killagramz to be eliminated. 2,975,000 to 1,800,000 won 

In the Next Battle it's DoPark's solo and Tiger Jk and Bizzy's solo artist turn to battle. This one hurt me like no other because it was a battle of Junoflo and Maniac. Both of them are so good at what they do and I didn't want either other them to go home I just wanted them to stay and be win together. Both them took my breath away with their performances. Maniac held his own but when Junoflo came out to do his thing he killed it. He left his heart on that stage and you can't go against someone who slaughter a stage like that. Juno got me with his lyrics "I'm a product of my thoughts and not product of the system." Sorry Maniac but he did. In the end Junoflo wins 2,900,000 won to 1,825,000 won. Leaving Maniac to go home :( I'LL MISS YOU MANIAC!!!!

Next performance was the Mic Hand-Off from Team DoPark and it was a choice between Woodie Go Child and Ja Mezz. Sooooo I'm not gonna lie I developed some what of a crush over Woodie after the roast round. If like he just ... idk he makes me laugh and I like that. But him being new to the stage worried Dok2 and Jay which I can understand so Ja Mezz took the mic, sending Woodie home.

Ja Mezz has to battle someone of the opposing team though. So that leads us to the Mic Hand-Off of Team Drunken Tiger and that was against the only team mates left on that team Black Nine and Won Jae. Let me tell you the feels with this one. Like these two guys have been my bias from the starting of the show. When I learned one of them had to leave I couldn't bare it. Both of them have SO MUCH TALENT its INSANE. And when you hear how much they got along together and had become friends through the show. And even some of their back story. Ya'll the feels were real with this one. In the end Tiger and Bizzy chose Won Jae and he was off to battle Ja Mezz.

 The battle of Ja Mezz and Woo Won Jae... now ya'll know how much I love him so you already know a girl had to get her boo's back.. know what I'm sayin....

Lol my bad. ANYWAY... Back to what I was saying. The Battle of Ja Mezz and Won Jae was kinda of a given. I recognize Ja Mezz (in my own words "I see you Ja Mezz doing yo stuff getting yo money") BUT this is Won Jae as of right now in the competition he wins it to me. In my heart you found a complete nobody and gave him a chance to express himself in the only way he knows how....that's winner material, even if he loses the season he still won because people know him now. Won Jae SLAYS IT of course. Him and Juno to me had the best acts of the night just because they left their heart on that stage. They gave that performance everything they had. Won Jae left himself COMPLETELY vulnerable and you have to respect him for that. Won Jae's performance was so emotional that honestly I completely forgot what Ja Mezz did. Won Jae won 2,936,500 won to 1,700,00 won... yea he killed it... like just ... brah... 

I cried during this performance....several times ^^^^^ like the feels he makes you feel.... hhhhhhhhhh
he looked so happy to be there and like I swear I saw him cry when he was on the steps.

I'm getting carried away again sorry WON JAE DOES THIS TO ME... BLAME HIM... anyway back to the other battles. Okay so we saw the battles of the mic off between CoDean and Dynamic, but I haven't talked about the solos of them. Now their battle is a little different. Because these two teams didn't have to get rid of one member in the last round they have a team solo. So how this works is a team of the remaining people which is Nucksal and Woo Chan vs Hangzoo and Young B. These two will compete against each other in teams. The one with the least amount of money at the end has to eliminate one from their team.

Hangzoo and Young B were up first. I honestly didn't like their song. It really didn't have anything to do with the artist themselves I just didn't like the song. It was called "Search" and the hook was "Search, search, search my name on google" I just thought it was kinda dumb and I was really disappointed. Both of them did really well with their verses, but it just felt like the song was lacking a certain something to make it a good song. I can't quite put my finger on it, it was just, lacking.

But Ya'll when I tell you, Nucksal and Woo Chan did not come to play. ... THEY DID NOT COME TO SHOW ME THE MONEY TO PLAY. Their performance was A MAZING... It was fun. The beat was dope. The two of them looked like they were having a blast. It was just a great show. OHHHH AND DID I MENTION DON MILLS SHOWED UP? yep. OMG if Won Jae's performance didn't give me the feels like it did I'd say that Nucksal and Woo Chan had the best performance of the night. That beat was lit ya'll like just FIRE. ah man it was a great performance.

The final score wound up being 3,350,000 to 1,412,500 won leaving Nucksal and Woo Chan the winners by a landslide. In the end Zico and Dean had to make a decision and they sent Young B home.

That's it for round 7 guys :D we are getting so close to the finals I'm so excited stay tuned for more on Show Me the Money season 6 !!!!



1. Hangzoo

Tiger JK and Bizzy 
1. Won Jae

Dynamic Duo
1. Nucksal
2. Woo Chan
3. Han Hae

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner (HALLOWEEN EDITION)

This week on the HALLOWEEN edition of Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner we are back at you with another version of SCARY IDOL RAPPERS. This week I have another duo. I just think that you can't talk about one and not talk about the other. Some people I talk to forget that this group has talented rappers.


I have been watching B.A.P since their debut, but honestly I wasn't a huge fan of the group. I know I know shoot me now. To me though B.A.P is one of those groups that just grows on you, the more and more you listen to them the more you grow to like them. When these two get together fire. 🔥🔥🔥
I think I started liking them with "Never Give Up" 

But there is so many more reasons why you shouldn't forget about these two. Like this song for instance.

My ALL TIME favorite song with them in it though has got to be "Confession."

I mean if you want to show power you might as well show it the right way. Why not start off with opra. This song ya'll even now just gets my blood boiling. The atmosphere is just so creepy.

When you break down the two of them I think Yong Guk is my favorite. Maybe? Idk I really like Zelo's flow but I like Yong Guk's tone. WHO DO YOU CHOSE!?!?!?!

Point is, when you talk about idol rappers in the KPOP scene you have to talk about Yong Guk and Zelo. Again both of them just complete each other.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (THEMED..Right?) (10/20/17)

Stray Kids - Hellevator

Okay... so... I'm not even going to lie this one is a long shot. It's not that dark... It's not creepy.. I just really REALLY wanted to showcase this song/video. 

But on the other hand, it's not completely unrelated... I promise. 

The song itself is called "Hellevator"... That sounds scary, yeah?

But the lyrics aren't all butterflies and rainbows either.. 

Here's the English lyrics:

My life’s at a rock bottom’s cliff
I’m walking in a dark tunnel
I’m holding up
This cruel, dreadful day alone
My school hallway is fading away
On this unfamiliar way
I’m so unlucky
I don’t have any map to tell me if this road is right
There’s no way to go up
What I’ve been through is a maze
I never want to go back to
I’m comforting myself, shedding blood and sweat
Instead of blood and tears
They tell me such hills
Are just passing showers
If you want success
Put snares that are called failures
So yes, I bite the baits that are called pain
I’m wandering around with my exhausted wings
Of passions temporarily folded

My life’s at a rock bottom’s cliff
I’m walking in a dark tunnel
I’m holding up
This cruel, dreadful day alone
Though I reach out my hand, there’s nobody to hold it
They’re going up riding on my pain and tears

I’m on a hellevator
My hellevator
I’m on a hellevator
My hellevator
I’m on a hellevator

There’s nothing for me
Nobody really cares about me
No worries for me, just stone cold
“Give up on your nonsense dreams”
Their words on giving up hit my ears
My despair only gets bigger
Covering the sky called hope
With the hands of the people beside me
I’m praying for myself to hold on
To save myself from their unkind stares
They’re arguing if I’m crazy or not
I’ll be somebody’s clown even if I make it through
That’s what you’re going to be
Stop trying to be a singer
I push myself
Through hearing their words

My life’s at a rock bottom’s cliff
I’m walking in a dark tunnel
I’m holding up
This cruel, dreadful day alone
Though I reach out my hand, there’s nobody to hold it
They’re going up riding on my pain, my tears

I’m on a hellevator
My hellevator
I’m on a hellevator
My hellevator
I’m on a hellevator

I’m going to find out where the exit is
To save me from being locked in the darkness
I frantically try to run away
I’m on the hellevator, I’m going up
I’m escaping my dark past
Lighting up my dark road ahead
I run as I could forget
Those tedious moments
The bell of the new beginning
That they’ve been ignoring rings
I got on my hellevator that’ll hold my hand
And take me to the penthouse

I’m on a hellevator
My hellevator
I’m on a hellevator

See? Seeeeee? It's not completely unrelated..

So this is JYP's new boy group 'Stray Kids'. And they're really shaking up the Kpop world. Most groups are lacking in at least some areas.. With the exception of BTS, but they're on a whole other level so they don't count here.... But this group seems to be pretty well rounded. Their visuals are great, the song is my fracking jam, and they got the dancing down. I'm really excited to see where these guys go.. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Show me the money 6 round 6

AAAAYYYYEEEEEEE it's time for another post on SHOW ME THE MONEY 6. This is round 6... SO FAST it's almost over :( so ya'll ready?

So this round is always fun. It's a team diss battle! So Kim Jin- Pyo our host chose from the the teams from the box. And Zico and Dean (team CoDean) gets to chose which team they battle with in the team battle. They chose team Jay Park and Dok2 (team DoPark.) So that means Dynamic Duo and Drunken Tiger go against each other. I was really excited about this round when CoDean chose DoPark mainly because DOES THIS MEAN ANOTHER BATTLE OF HASH SWAN AND JUNOFLO!!!! so hyped. Will Won Jae use his Lyrical power to win? 

This is how it works 16 rappers left  each team battles the opposing team in a battle of roast is what I like to call it. So you we have a 1v1 type battle and a 2v2 battle. Meaning either 1 person goes solo on another or 2 (team) goes against another. At the end the audience has banners either red or yellow and through the banner of the teams color on the stage whoever has the most banner wins. The losing teams must eliminate one from their team. 

Dynamic Duo Vs TigerJK and Bizzy! (I'll show you how it's broken down) 
1. Ryno vs Black 9 
2. Han Hae vs Maniac
3. Woo Chan & Nucksal vs Won Jae & Asol

CoDean vs DoPark 
1. Hangzoo vs Ja Mezz
2. Young B vs Ness 
3. Hash Swan & Killagramz vs Woodie Go Child & Junoflo 

Team Dynamic Duo and TigerJk & Bizzy go first. Before this even started I was so nervous because i really don't want anyone leaving my team FIGHTING TEAM DRUNKEN TIGER #teamtigerbiz lol First battle was Black 9 and Ryno. I was really conflicted with this one because I thought Black 9 was really good but Ryno decided to pull out the stops as well. Both of them are people we don't here of that much or at all so I was really rooting for them. I think Ryno may have one that one though. They did the 2v2 next. There was so much talk about them having to battle Woo Chan, I think there was a big culture difference. They talked about how they couldn't do a lot of things like cuss at him or roast him at all. My opinion... he signed up for this he knew what he was getting into. But Won Jae did it tastefully though. He was so good, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! Won Jae looked like he was having so much fun like he was smiling the whole time even when he was being roasted. Asol got on my nerves a little and her lyrics were kind of .... lacking. Winner hands down though is the Nucksal and the Woo Chan. When it was their turn something happened. It was like a magical click of chemistry. It was amazing, and though my bias has always been Won Jae I kinda forgot about him and was just LIKE YAAAA WOO CHAN AND NUCKSAL. Han Hae vs Maniac went last. This was a good match even though I didn't know what to do. I like Han Hae .... but I like Maniac more. Maniac's flow is real, like his ton his flow omg I just love him. But Han Hae showed up that day and he had the lyrical punches.

It got time for the banners and to me it looked like it was a lot of team Drunken Tiger banners and I was like YES YES MY TEAMS GONNA WIN. Out of 200 audience members.... 114 for Dynamic Duo and 74 for Team Drunken Tiger, leaving my team at a loss... I honestly thought that was it for Asol her battle verse was kinda blah. BUT she made it further then a lot of woman so I was proud of her.

Next up was  CoDean and DoPark. This one I kinda figured DoPark would win just because I think the rappers on their team are more fun. Ness and Young B went first and Ness put on a HSR Blazer on to match Young B. When it came to it Ness was KILLING IT LIKE I WAS SHOOK. I think we all are shocked by Ness like no one ever thinks he'll be good but he turns out every time. But Young B didn't take that one sitting down he was mad and he was gonna show it. He came out swinging all in all it was a GREAT battle. Next was the 2v2 battle and of course Junoflo was gonna kill it. But I keep getting shocked over Woodie like idk I guess because I seem him as such a goofy character I forget that he has skill. they won that battle hands down. Hash Swan and Killagramz did well. But the team work for Junoflo and Woodie was just better to me. Hash Swan messed up his lyrics so I had a feeling they would lose and it would be it for team CoDean. Ja Mezz and Hangzoo were up next. Hangzoo hands down won this one for me. I've never been a huge fan of Ja Mezz from the beginning honestly. I don't think he's the worst out there but I just don't see how he's lasted this long.

The winner of this match winds up being team CoDean by just a little. 

After all is said and done the two losers must eliminate a rapper from their team. DoPark eliminates Ness. I didn't agree with that at all. I thought Ness did a great job and I understand they are looking toward the future but still I think that Ness even with this less experience is a better rapper. ASol gets eliminated from team Drunken Tiger which i totally understand all the rest of their rappers did well I would have chosen her as well.


1. Ja Mezz
2. Junoflo
3. Woodie Go Child

1. Hangzoo
2 Killagramz
3. Hash Swan
4. Young B

Tiger JK & Bizzy
1. Maniac
2. Won Jae
3. Black 9

Dynamic Duo
1. Woo Chan
2. Nucksal
3. Han Hae
4. Ryno

Halloween: Darkest Music Videos: Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of 2 Darkest Music Videos. 

This week I chose one of my favorite music videos probably out there. The concept is just like nothing you'll ever see anywhere else. 

GaIn - Paradise Lost

Originally I was going to explain the whole music video and concept. However, I actually found a website that fully explained everything in depth about this song and music video. Instead of just telling you all the same thing you could read there, I will just link that website. It's such an interesting article. And literally I could not have said any of it better.

It's seriously a work of art. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (THEMED) (10/18/17)

BIGBANG - Monster


How can it be Halloween time and you not think of Monster by BIGBANG?

How can you just not include BIGBANG in everything you do anyways even if it's not related? 

Thankfully for me, it's relevant though. Each BIGBANG member showcases a version of monsters in the dark music video. 

It's creepy and sexy all in one. 

And I can't believe it's been 5 years since it was released. Some of these songs make me feel so old because it doesn't feel like that long ago.... 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner (HALLOWEEN EDITION)

AYYYEEEE SO it's my favorite time of year ya'll... whey IT'S HALLOWEEN. You may see that we here at HAS are doing a Halloween theme the last two weeks of Halloween, but I decided to throw in a Hip Hop Corner and talk about some scary Idol rappers. I feel like they don't get enough credit for how good they are. It's just SCARY how talented some of these rappers are.

On this weeks is RAP MONSTER.
So we all know Rap Monster I mean who doesn't Love BTS. Crazy talent all of them have. I have always had a bias for Rap Monster from the start of my BTS trash days. Even though my sug sug wrecks me sometimes. He's the devil really. ANYWAY ... this is about rap monster. Being the leader of BTS has to be hard especially when you have SO MUCH talent in one group. He doesn't let that get to him though. He has shown he's worth something by having so many good solos.

This video ^^^ is just creepy all around. HOW DOES HE EVEN DO THAT.

Okay so this last one isn't a single, BUT I love this song like so much and it shows all of their talents.

You can't talk about Rap Mon and not talk about Sugar though. BOTH OF THEM EQUALLY ARE SCARY put them together... murder of all the hearts.

Both of these gentleman were underground rappers before being picked for BTS. Some people (B-Free) may say that they sold themselves out. I personally don't feel that way I think that both of them good for BTS and complete the group. But both of them have had some CRAZY singles outside of BTS proving that they could do it on their own without them.

I don't think Suga (Agust D) has to prove anything. Just because HATERS are Haters doesn't mean they don't have the talent. What Rap Monster lacks Suga balances it so why fix something that isn't broke. Let Suga do what he's good at and that's rap.

Who's gonna be next? SO MANY IDOLS SO FEW DAYS!!!!