Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween: Darkest Music Videos: Week 2

(Okay, guys this cracked me up probably a lot more than it should have)

Cross Gene - Black or White

This music video has an amazing concept. The black and white versions of perception. There's the innocent side (white) because of course you know Heaven and all things good are associated with white/lights/etc... Then there is the bad evil side (black) which features things such as death, despair, horror. This music video was so fitting for this series we were doing I didn't even care about doing the rest. When we started planning this series, I knew from the minute I decided to do darkest music videos that I needed to include this video. 

And in the music video they're all experiencing scary/bad situations. And their evil counterparts are coming after them..

It's a very dark and creepy music video. But very well thought out. Definitely worth looking into. 

Stay creepy, lovelies. 

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