Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (THEMED) (10/11/17)

Dalmatian (달마시안)  - E.R

Let me give you the run down. What happens is... They are all involved in a fatal car accident. I believe everyone is presumed dead. In the music video they're at the scene of the accident and are all being put into body bags. So then they get taken to the morgue and the creepy morgue lady kisses one of them...... What? Why...? How even... Whut? ⁈⁉⁈⁉

Though I am very appreciative at the fact that the guys who died in the music video's spirits have to walk around and dance shirtless. I have always appreciated that. That was always so amazing. 

It's really a good song and one that most people often forget about. The group as a whole also. Most people often forget about Dalmatian and now it's worse since they didn't last long either. 

Such a shame... They were going places. 

Enjoy the creepiness!

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