Thursday, October 5, 2017

Show Me the Money 6 round 4 1/2

So I'm behind I'M SORRY. I've had a rough midterm experience. That being said I have some updates before we get into this round. I HAVE A NEW TWITTER!!! it's @HASBUNNYHOP I try to do a song of the day update you on when things will be posted for me. And sometimes just random things So FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER IF YOU'D LIKE :) We have a Spotify playlist called HAS HEART AND SEOUL I update it DAILY so if you'd like to listen to that go for it!. Now lets get back to the topic at hand.

Okay so I had to break this up into parts because this round is kind of long and it's complicated to do it all in one. SO FOR PART ONE BREAK DOWN!!!.

So In this round the producers get to preform and the contestants judged them on which team they wanted to be in.

Dynamic Duo

Tiger JK and Bizzy

Jay Park and Dok2

Zico and Dean

After the performances the contestants put their names in Boxes with the teams names on it. 35 voters 19 chose the winner... Dok2 and Jay Park...there's was actually my favorite as well though it's probably not the team I'd have chosen if I could rap lmao. Second place is Zico and Dean. Third Tiger Jk and Bizzy and Forth Dynamic Duo.

So how the teams were chosen this round is different then last year but this season it was a CYPHER. So they went from last place to first place and each team chose 7 contestants to be in the Cypher. There's always a catch though. In the middle of the Cypher the beat changes and the remaining contestants who have not go have to come up with a new beat. The winner of each round gets to pick which team he wants to be on by walking up to their couch.

First group was super hard. Manic, Double K, Young B, Han Hae , and a few more. Leaving Double K winner and he pics Jay park and Dok2 (FIGHTING DOUBLE K)

Next is JJk, Hangzo, Black 9, Hash Swan, Ja Mezz , and Sleepy. Sleepy of course goes home leaving the battle of Hangzoo and Black 9 ( I was really hoping Black 9 won) Hangzoo takes the lead and he chooses where he chooses Zico and Dean.

Nucksal got in with a bunch of people I didn't recognize except for woodie child... He takes it of course and goes to Dynamic Duo

Killagrams goes to Zico and Dean after his win

JunoFlo (FIGHTING) Goes to Jay Park and Dok2's team.

This leaves everyone with at least one but OH NO TIGER JK AND BIZZY DON'T HAVE ONE WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Stay tuned next week to see what happens ;) Round 4 part 2  (probably coming out on Sunday)

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