Sunday, October 8, 2017

Show Me the Money 6 round 4 2/2

HEY HOPPERS. Bunny here with a new Show Me The Money 6 post. So I told you guys that I'd break it up into 2 parts because it was a little much for one part. So lets get started. 
Okay so we left off with part one with the cypher of all of the contestants. to recap the teams are as follows (by winning rank) :

1. Double K
2. Junoflo

Zico and Dean
1. Hangzoo
2. Killagrams

Tiger JK and Bizzy
no one picked them. I was really shocked by this but you win some you lose some. I hope had hoped good things for them in this round

Dynamic Duo
1. Nucksal

So that's the recap Lets get into this part of the round. This is where the Winning of the Producers really has it's effect. Jay Park and Dok2 get first pick of whoever they want on their team first. Now the catch and the scary part is, each contestant has the right to refuse and wait to see if the team he wants picks him or her. There are 5 seats in total behind each team. 

They pick........Woodie Go Child... at first I was like ....huh? lol Like I don't know about him and he's so goofy sometimes I forget he's an okay rapper. he's just so silly looking. I was totally shocked.

Next pick goes to Zico and Dean and the pick..... Oltti ... I admit that he's really good at freestyle and that's SUPER HARD. He's a talent person and I get why they wanted him on their team.. but I'm not a fan of his arrogance (even though that comes with being a rapper most times)

Next pick goes to Tiger Jk and Bizzy ... and ya'll my heart stopped lol ... I wanted WonJae to be on their team so bad... I freaking love him so much... and when they called his name first .... ya' heart.... FIGHTING WON JAE.

Last pick was  Dynamic Duo and they picked HanHae I still have mixed feelings about HanHae I don't know whether I like him or not. I don't not like him.

So then it starts over again going to DoPark and they choose Ja Mezz. I still don't know a lot about him yet but he's not a bad rapper from what I can tell. Zico and Dean picked Young B. And then another heart attack for me for team Tiger. So many good rappers left ... They picked Maniac and I was so HAPPY!!!!! So far I was totally team Tiger.... Dynamic Duo surprised me with their next pick...... Jo Woo Chan..... because they call him a little Dok2 a lot of people expected him to refuse and go to Dok2 and Jay Park, but he didn't. I honestly See him as more of a little GD then I do Dok2.

As we go back to Team Dok2 and Jay Park there's only one spot left on their team and they choose a shocking pick.... Ness I forget about him sometimes as well which makes me feel bad. Zico and Dean pick their last one and they chose Hash Swan.... ya'll if he wasn't picked i was about to get mad....Tiger JK and Bizzy chose their next one choosing Asol. I was a little surprised about this but this just makes me love their team even more because I really like her. Dynamic Duo next and they chose Myundo filling their team. That leaves 2 seats left on Tiger Jk and Bizzy's team. with all the rappers left I was like OMG BLACK 9 SOMEONE ONE GET BLACK 9 and sure enough they chose Black 9. Their last pick was P-Type which I was a little blah about. I'm just not a fan of P-Type. That fills all of our seats!

So from now on at the end of each post I'll post recaps on who's on each team. (by rank)

Dok2 and JayPark
1. Double K (chose)
2. Junoflo (chose)
3. Woodie Go Child
4. Ja Mezz
5. Ness

Zico and Dean
1. Hangzoo (chose)
2. Killagrams (chose)
3. Oltti
4.Young B
5. Hash Swan

Tiger Jk and Bizzy
1. Woo Won Jae
2. Maniac
3. Asol
4. Black 9
5. P-type

Dynamic Duo
1. Nucksal (chose)
2. Han Hae
3. Jo Woo Chan
4. Ryno
5. Myundo

Our next mission ? ... SONG MISSION

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