Thursday, October 12, 2017

Show Me the Money 6 round 5


So we are gonna step into Round 5!! the Song Mission. 

how this round works is, the teams get together and hopefully work together to produce a song. It's pretty simple. They preform the song and the producers at the end pick who they want to go home. I'm gonna try and get the video of each performance and tell you who I think should go home and then who does go home. and then at the end I'll give you a recap of who is left on the team. Ya'll ready? 

Having watched all of them this one is probably my favorite. Everyone of these contestants did such a great job together they all got along no one forgot their lyrics they just seemed to fit well together in a team. Before they started everyone seemed to think Jo Woo Chan would be eliminated but honestly I was hoping not. I kinda thought maybe Ryno was gonna go first BEFORE I watched the their part. Just because I don't know much about him. Honestly though he surprised me. I actually thought he fit to this song. Han Hae I was a little disappointed in because I thought he could do better. Han Hae seemed to let the others out shine him. Myundo I felt the same way. Nucksal, Woo Chan and Ryno did so well with their parts that Myundo and Han Hae seemed to fall in the back. Ultimately though, myunDo was eliminated.

Team Tiger Jk and Bizzy went next. I was most excited about this group. And even after I know what happens I'm still #TeamDrunkenTiger. Each person in this team had their time to shine. Honestly I really wanted P-Type to go home. Like I did from the start. Manic and Black 9 did an awesome job. Asol forgot her lyrics. She picked them up pretty quick, but she beat herself up over it. I kinda thought she was going home after that. BUT THEN P-Type forgot his lyrics as well and I was like OOOOO who's it gonna be. My Favorite part of course was the end. Won Jae ya'll like I can't say enough about him. When the music slows up for him and he just lays it all out on the floor. I literally cried. Ultimately P-Type was sent home for his mistake and Asol lives to see another round. This team is still my favorite though.

Jay Park and Dok2 went next. I think this was the most surprising one of them all. So much shocking stuff happened. Everyone seemed to get along well. Ja Mezz started us out. I didn't really fall in love with him, but it was a great way to start out. Ness was next and I WAS LIKE OOOKKKKAAAYYY AAAYYYEEEE GET IT. ... When you get to Woodie I'm like AYYYEEEE GET IT GET IT lol he showed out with this relaxation in his chair.... Junoflo didn't come to play either. He broke down into this mannequin type robot thing ... omg FIGHTING JUNO lol He's probably my second favorite of this competition. But here's the most shocking part... Double K... Double K... that's all I could say. He forgot his lyrics toward the end. He almost had it. At first I kinda thought Ja Mezz was gonna get it because ness did such a great job but DOUBLE K YOU BROKE MY HEART..... He was eliminated in the end for his mistake :( and my heart is a little broken.

Last is Zico and Dean. This team.... We just needed to pray for them. They seemed to not get along at all. I hoped Oltti would get eliminated, because honestly I just don't like him. He's a talented person and I will say that. Killagrams though ya'll.... He took me with this one. He was jumping around and rapping at the same time. He's a big guy so I was just shocked. Hash Swan did really good on his part. I still think he sounds like BewhY (who I love). Hangzoo pulled through too though. A lot of people didn't think he "belonged" with Dean and Zico, but he came through ya'll. Oltti mad a slight mistake in his pronunciation and was eliminated.


2.Ja Mezz
4.Woodie Go Child

Zico and Dean
1. Hangzoo
3.Hash Swan
4. Young B

Tiger JK and Bizzy
1. Won Jae
2. Maniac
3. Asol
4. Black 9

Dynamic Dou
1. Nucksal
2. Woo Chan
3. Ryno
4. Han Hae

Next round... TEAM BATTLE

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