Friday, November 17, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (11/17/17)

The Rose - Like We Used To

I was really hoping for a comeback from 'The Rose' and they granted my wish. 

However, I feel the need to say that I still haven't fully recovered from "Sorry" so, like, I've been putting off falling head over heels for this song. 

That's a crazy thing to do, right? But does anyone else feel me here? Like there's just a certain grace period for comebacks and when you're still not over the last one, you can't take the mental trauma with falling in love with a new one? Kind of like getting over an ex. HAHA

But, I finally listened to it and am just in love with it. The music video, the song, the members, etc.... Just I love every single thing about it. 

Everything they do is so perfect. Just perfect. There's no other words other than just perfect. 

Do you know how frustrating it is to write a blog and like something so much that you can't think of the words for it? So basically I have a page full of perfect. 


But maybe that will tell you just how good this song is. Just go watch the video. You won't regret it. 😍😍😍😍😍

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