Wednesday, November 1, 2017

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 1

Welcome to the first day of Shanea's Thankful Party! My outpouring of appreciation for the whole month of November. 

Most of my posts are going to be kind of goofy (still serious, just goofy), but today I want to post a 100% serious appreciation post. 

Today I am thankful for: Kim Jong Kook. Not anything really specific like some of the other ones will be, just himself as a whole. I'm just completely thankful for Kim Jong Kook.

His personality, his muscles, his smile, his voice, his laugh, his songs, his face, his EVERYTHING. I am just 100% thankful for him and the fact that he exists. 

Let it be noted, if you aren't a normal HAS reader, that I am in love with this man. It's evident if you read half of my posts. 

But really, Kim Jong Kook got me through a lot of dark times in my life. His songs would put me at ease when I was stressed, his appearances on Running Man would make me laugh when I was in no shape to laugh, and just looking at his pictures made me feel so happy. Most of this was when I was in the hospital for extended periods of time.. 
I'd be in my hospital room listening to his songs or watching Running Man.. Times where I felt the worst and was fighting for my life were all made into not-so-bad memories because I always kept Kim Jong Kook close by. 

I know it sounds a little weird. And maybe it is.... But literally everything about this guy just made me feel so happy and at ease and the stress would just melt away. You ever had a celebrity you just felt that way about? Just like they could do no wrong and you'd love them until you die? 

Kim Jong Kook is the only person I'm like that with... I usually get upset when fangirls get mad at idols for being in a relationship, but in this case I would genuinely be upset. Because to me, he's husband goals. He's so tough and manly, but also he's squishy and sweet at times. I'd marry him in a heartbeat.  

So I felt it was fitting for me to showcase one of the things I'm most thankful for in life as the first day. Don't worry, most of this months post won't be like this.. They'll be goofy and light. 

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