Friday, November 10, 2017

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 10

Day 10: Really Good Drama Kisses

You know, the kind that make your heart melt. Or the exact opposite and the ones that make you all pervy. I'm so thankful for these. 

When you get hooked on a drama, you almost feel like you're living in it. You feel what they feel. When there's tension, you can feel it... If there's heartbreak, you cry with them... When there's really good kiss scenes, your heart starts to beat faster and you feel butterflies. Don't be ashamed of it, this is the effect with dramas. 

So when that kiss scene comes along that you've been waiting to happen for what feels like eternity, it's a bit of a let down when they're Park Shin Hye kisses from the 2008-2013 era. You know the frozen "what the heck am I suppose to do with his lips?" kisses. LOL 

People who don't watch Kdramas will never understand the need for a really good kiss in dramas. For years, they've been lacking in that area. But thankfully, recently, there's been an abundance of heart stopping kisses. Here's some of my favorites. 

Fight My Way

Suspicious Partner

Doctors (Doctor Crush)


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (And I've never seen this drama but dang)

Reply 1994

Jealousy Incarnate (Super Pervy. Lawd)

Doctor Romantic

And many many many more, but if I put them all this blog would be 10 pages long. lol 

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