Saturday, November 25, 2017

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 25

Day 25 (Dramas I'm Thankful For):

Okay, I have an undying love for Lee Jong Suk. So, like, every drama he does I'm obsessed with. (The ones I've watched so far)

But this one was so interesting. They really give him the dramas with the best storylines. And also the ones that rip my heart to shreds at times... 

Paired with Park Shin Hye, it's a drama you would have to be crazy to not watch. 

I like the whole "Pinocchio Syndrome" they made up for this drama. As far as made up illnesses go, this is one you would NEVER expect. And it's so well thought out and implemented throughout the drama. 

100% Must watch. 

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