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Show Me the Money 6 round 8

SO IT'S GETTING SO CLOSE TO THE WIRE YA'LL WHAT WILL WE DO!!!! There's just going to be a couple more post on it. I'm actually quite sad that it's ending. BUT after it's over stick around there are SO many new things to talk about in the HOPPIN HIP HOP world of Bunnies!!!! SO LETS GET TO IT

Round 8 

So this round is pretty simple 6 contestants left, each go head to head on a 1 v 1 match. The one with the most money at the end wins. The loser is eliminated. Will a whole team be eliminated? Who will survive!?! 

Here's how the battles lined up. 
Junoflo vs Nucksal... what the actual eff. Like one of them goes home ya'll. 
Woo Chan vs Won Jae... WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO MY HEART. 
Han Hae vs Hangzoo... I personally feel like Hangzoo will pull out on this one just because he's going to be out for blood. 

Up first was Woo Chan. He did so well. I love him so much. Prodigy that one is. From the very beginning until the end he stuck it out and actually our rapped a lot of the adults. His song was so well put together. And I think he really showed his heart. But Ya'll when SIK K CAME OUT...HYYYPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Way to turn up Woo Chan. If you are going to get voted out go out with a bang baby boy.  He looked like he was having so much fun.

BUT there is one thing that threatens WooChan.... Won Jae. And ya'll know who my bias is in this instance. Won Jae ....just .... Won Jae... he decided to take over the FULL production. And made sure he had his hands in all of it. He really wanted to show his talent and what he wanted to say to the people and BOY DID HE SHOW UP. The first scene with him sitting in the red lights... OMG .. and then the spotlight from above. I wish he moved around the stage a little more...BUT HE KILLED IT.... I've been trying so hard to not watch any of his performances on YouTube before I watch the episode and This one almost got me like JUST THE OPENING I WANTED TO SO BAD!!!!!! But I've been good and waited. WON JAE I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I love how everyone is wearing beanies like him now. Like the Beanie will never die yo!!!! hahahahaha just watch .... oh did I mention YDG

The results were as follows: Woo Chan 2,550,000 won to Won Jae's 6,925,000 a difference of a LARGE  4,375,000 won. WON JAE WINS!!!!!!!! but that means woo Chan goes home :( Dynamic Duo is still safe with two more contestants in the battles.

Next was Han Hae's performance, I was really excited for his performance of "One Sun." I've said this throughout this whole series, but I've been so back-and-forth with Han Hae. I'll like his performance one week and then won't like it the next or at least felt like it could have been more. This performance I was expecting a huge fight between him and Hangzoo. I figured they both need/ want the recognition of their talents and both of them where going to pull out all the stops. Han Hae performed well I was proud of what he did. He took a diss and made into something really good. But is it enough against Hangzoo. I liked the use of the band instead of the DJ. I kind of felt like it was a little old school.

Hangzoo.... I don't know why, but when I was watching the episode I just felt like he had been playing around the whole time and this episode was the episode he was going to come out swinging. And I was totally right. DUDE CAME OUT SWINING KNIVES. He was not playing with ya'll... HE WAS NOT PLAYING.... This was his performance to me. Like the one that stood out the most. He was came out on the stage fighting. The look of the stage was so cool, the red light "Red Sun". I loved how he played with his words. He told his story for the first time. He talks about his left eye and how he can't see out of it. In his lyrics he talks about the light to the darkness. Ya'll the BEAT gives me NIGHTMARES. He could have left Swings out of it cause he was murdering it on his own. " Let me be dark. What's the use of forcing myself to be bright? Just one candle that can't be a light for me.... With my left eye filled with humidity, I hope the dream I look at is clear." Beautiful.

The results of this one was: Han Hae 2,050,000 Hangzoo 6,975,000 won that's a huge difference right. 4,925,000

 Junoflo was next. His performance left me feeling kind of " You can do better Juno" but it wasn't bad. I was just left feeling like I wanted more. There is no doubting his talent and the song fit him to a tee. It was a well put together performance it just I don't know if I can explain it. I thought that this was going to be a tough enough match for him to be against Nucksal and I really hoped he was going to show us something out of this world. It definitely had a Cali feel which makes since for Junoflo.

Nucksal's turn last.... And he took it to the house. We already knew it's a win for him I mean it's Nucksal. Which is kinda sad, but when he puts on a performance like that how can you not. He showed us a new side to him which I really enjoyed, a more vulnerable side. He stalked about how he had thought for a long time about putting his family through so much trying to find his music. He talked about how he was willing to sell himself for shot " If you like the story of my cheap life I'll give it all to you, have me," it was so beautiful. I applaud him for the vulnerability because that's not easy to do even when it's someone close to you much less millions of people. He looks so at home on the stage. Like it feels like he is so happy and comfortable, that the only thing that can make him happy is the stage. "Hears my heart take it" SO GOOD. My favorite part is about 3:02 in the video below. His sentences just flow so smoothly almost effortless.

The results of this one was hard one because I love Junoflo so much. But Nucksal did so well. 2,800,000 v 6,825,000 with a difference of 4,025,000 Nucksal wins this one.


So the three going to the finals are Won Jae, Hangzoo, and Nucksal. These three will compete just like they did this week for the finals. :D


DoPark eliminated 

Zico Dean
1. Hangzoo

Tiger Jk & Bizzy 
1. Won Jae 

Dynamic Duo
1. Nucksal

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