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Bunny's songs of 2017

LONG TIME NO SEE. I kinda been on a walk-about (I turned Aussie for a minute)  So with the new year on it's way I wanted to take ya'll back to some of the best songs we (the writers) here at HAS loved the most. Some groups may have more songs, but these are just our favorites. I hope you enjoy looking back with this us.

The music industry had a rough year for a lot of reasons: groups broke up, scandals happened, our beloved Jong Hyun. There has been some good things however, like our first song on the list.

1. Fool Winner
I LOVE this song ya'll. I was so excited for their comeback. I was like scared with the loss of Nam Tea-hyun, but it worked out for them. Everything they've come out with this year has been soooo good. I'm so happy that they came back with great songs. Teahyun will be missed I loved him so much, but winner has done so well I'm so proud.
                Really Really
                Love me

2. Bling Bling Ikon
We had Winner so you know we had to have Ikon. Bling Bling is my favorite but Shanea is a huge B-day fan. I love B-day, Bling Bling.

3. DPR Live Martini Blue
So I've written about DPR before, but SHANEA NEVER READ IT :| hahaha just kidding. Anyway DPR Live also came out with Text Me and I love it but Martini  Blue with the mhmh mhmh lmao. If you haven't heard DPR's new album then you need to get to it.
                  Text Me

4. Twice Likey
Okay so I'm not known for liking Twice, but actually I like most of their stuff. Likey is my favorite and in think it's cause IT'S SO CATCHY.

5. KoKo Pop EXO
So EXO had a several out this year, but MY FAVORITE was KoKo Pop. Shanea Loved The Eve. I just really liked the beat drop and the island type feel.
                 The Eve

6. San E Counselor
Okay so... I LOVE San E. But this album ya'll.... Bunny Gets goosebumps. If any of you have been in this situation before you know how it feels. This song just made my year. It takes a lot to admit it and it takes even more to write about it. This song was so good. His whole album was good, but this song touched me in my feel good spots.

7. Anti Zico
My love for Zico is so hype after his new stuff. But honestly love Anti more then I did artist. The video is totally creepy as well.

8. Yacht Jay Park
So JAY PARK!!!!!!!!!!! This song to me was like so groovy you can't really go wrong with Jay Park but this song always makes want to dance.

9. P.O Men'z Night
Okay so all of our regulars readers know that I EFFING LOVE ME SOME P.O... I WAS SO EXCITED to see he was coming out with a single this year. I felt some type of way ya'll, and he came through ya'll. It sounded a little Bruno Mars to me, But it was so good.

10. Runaway Bobby
I was in love with this whole album. It wasn't what I expected from BOBBY and I think that's why I loved it so much. I like that it was unexpected. A new side of BOBBY and he did so well.

11. Jackson Okay
Okay so ... The writers here at HAS make fun of me all the time for my dislike of Jackson and Got7 in general. SO SHOOT ME.... but this song ya'll I couldn't help but to be like oh okay go on with yo bad self Jackson. If you don't put in that work. Just keep this on the down low "he was totally sexy in this video" <.<

12. Minzy
So minzy's comeback.... I was devastated when she left and 2ne1 broke up but IF SHE DIDN'T PUT IN MF WORK WITH THIS SONG YA'LL. This song was so hype and it had my boy flowsik in it.... MADE MY DAY YA'LL.

13. NCT 127  Whiplash
So Idk why I love this song. I'm a big NCT fan but this one and Cherry Bomb where my favorite. Shanea we all know loves Limitless. All in all it was great year for NCT groups and I'm looking forward to them next year.
                         NCT 127 Cherry Bomb
                         NCT 127 Limitless

14. Stray Kids Hellevator
Okay ya'll. THIS IS MY EFFFFFFFIIIIINNNNNNNNN JJJJAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMM. I don't even know if ya'll can understand. I want them to do well so hard. Until then I will listen to you every day K THANKS!!!!

15.  Thinking about Chu Sam Kim ft Loco
I just Heart Sam Kim lol. This song is so Chill and I just love it. P.S. Loco can I have your babies.

16. Loco Movie Shoot
I love me some sexy Loco. I just wanna put this out there... LOCO I'M SINGLE!!!! I'LL WATCH YOUR LIFE LIKE A MOVIE SHOOT.

17. Shall we dance Block B
So this is my FAVORITE BLOCK B SONG OF ALL TIME YA'LL. Shanea and I have been dancing to this song for about two weeks non-stop.. P.S. PO I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

18. Code Kunst ft Tablo and G Soul Fire Water
Soooo We here at Bunny land love us some HIGHGRND and when Code Kunst dropped his Muggle Mansion album I was totally excited. I think this one is my favorite though.

19. One Getting By
I like this song for it's chill vibe. I love One, but this is just my favorite one out by him :D

20. Arrived Jessi
I normal don't play the mess out of Jessi, but this song was on repeat for me. I like this song and it's her best in my opinion.

21. Don't Wanna Cry Seventeen
Okay so I'm not a Seventeen fan AT ALL. This song had me going okay Seventeen you better put in work and that's why it made the list for me :D.

22. Energetic Wanna One
Okay so I haven't really gotten into Wanna One yet, but I put this one in here for Shanea :D. I don't hate this song. It's good. I'm just not into Wanna One ... I know shoot me <.<

23. You and Me Kard
Honestly the video made this song for me. And it's my favorite Kard song to date. Can we halla at J.seph for a second ya'll cause in this song HE KILLS IT. (he kinda my bias though)
                           Kard Rumor
                           Kard Hola Hola
                           Kard Don't Recall

24. Go Go BTS
OKAY so I think we've all talked about BTS enough. If they'd stop being fantastic then we wouldn't have anything to talk about though. This song gets me so hype ya'll. Mic drop was good DNA was good.
                                   BTS Mic Drop
                                   BTS DNA

25. Please Don't Be Sad Highlight
Okay HIGHLIGHT you better come through!!!! Junhyung with your fine asssssk ... anyway... this song just had me like OKAY BOO I WON'T BE SAD!!!

26. BewhY Bichael Yackson
I love BewhY like a lot. His sound is so unique. But when I heard "I am the legend Micheal Jackson... Bicheal Yackson Bicheal" my heart was like you witty man you!!!

27. BAP Hands UP
This song dropped not to long ago and I've been so just BAP I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

28. pH-1 Doughnut
PPPPPHHHHH----1111 ya'll had to know I had to put my new boo. His whole Island album is killer. But this song had me groovin so hard like had to get up and dance.
                                  pH-1 Island

29.  Here comes the regrets Epik High
HOLD THE INTERNET CAUSE EPIK HIGH CAME BACK WITH A NEW ALBUM AND IT'S THE HANDS DOWN THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR IN BUNNY'S BOOK. The whole album just stole me away. The old school feel of No Thanks. To the Mithra's English in Here Comes the Regret. Someone make a Bunny happy and buy this album for me :(
                          Epik High No Thanxx

We've talked about so many songs in this post, but our  next song is my favorite of 2017. I'm so silly for loving this song, but I can't help it the video is just hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30. IFFY SIK-K FT pH-1
lmao I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!! When he was cuttin that watermelon with a fork ya'll I died. And when she's vacuuming outside on a sunny day with an umbrella .. it had me wondering IFFY she was sane.

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