Friday, December 1, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (12/1/17)

MAP6 - Love is Gone

Ohohohoho. MAP6 is back and they did NOT disappoint!!!! The only thing disappointing about this comeback is the fact that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT! I feel so sad towards these boys, they work so hard and are so talented and are the absolute most underrated active group right now. 

They're so underrated, I feel like they should have been on The Unit. Because then they could gain a lot of recognition. Think about it, people... This means there are millions of people out there who have no idea that J.Jun exists. 

And that breaks my heart.. Because look at this precious baby! The world is deprived of this precious human being!!! <3 

Ever since Swagger Time, I have been following MAP6 faithfully. They are easily one of the good rookie groups out there (IMO). I just don't understand how it's been 2 years since their debut and they STILL are not popular. This kills me. 

You just don't understand how underrated they are. Like I'm talking their music video released 20 hours ago (as of the time I'm writing this which is 1:25 AM on November 27th) and on their company channel, the video has less that 5,000 views... That doesn't happen. Literally even when new groups debut they get more views than that. IT IS SO SAD. They've been around 2 YEARS NOW!

Understandably, no comeback they ever do can top Swagger Time. That song was just the best. In every way. However, this song is amazing also!

You know what this song actually reminds me of? Infinite. Especially older Infinite. This song has that kind of vibe to it.

The lyrics are really amazing and the music video is pretty awesome too. I need a dance practice so I can tell you about the dance more. But from what I saw, it looks pretty good to me!

They are such a talented group who I want to support with all of my heart, guys. You don't understand how much I love these guys. They deserve so much more recognition than they are currently getting. 

Share the video to your friends, family, dogs, etc. Anyone with ears. Share the heck out of their music video. I need them to be rewarded for their efforts. I just need it!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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