Monday, December 18, 2017

Let's Talk

Good morning/afternoon/evening.  This blog is not a traditional blog (no pictures,  no videos)  I just want to talk a minute.  I also feel like I need to express that the following is MY OPINION and mine only. 

So,  who woke up this morning to read the news that Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin are engaged and plan to marry in February before he leaves for the military?
*raises hand*

Who got all bent out of shape and butthurt because he is doing so?  

*puts hand down* 

People,  let's be real a moment.  Taeyang,  along with Sungmin from Super Junior,  Eli from U-Kiss and all of the other Kpop idols are HUMAN!  They deserve as much happiness as anyone else out there.  Why does everyone get bent out of shape when an idol starts dating and even worse (to the fans anyway) gets married?  Why is this such a crime?  Why is it like a betrayal to some people?  Am I missing something?  

Here is another point that I am sure will cause an uproar.  Bigbang... They are pretty much done as a whole.  That topic is a whole other blog post but yeah... Sorry guys I don't  think they are coming back and it hurts my soul.  I hate it so much.  So why not have a somewhat normal life now?  

I am actually happy for Taeyang and you know what?  If he still makes music and videos after he is married he is still going to be the sexy beast he always has been!  Nothing has changed.  I hope everyone will support him.  

One last point.  

He went from "I Need a Girl" to "Wedding Dress"

Much love to everyone

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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