Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bring in the new year with Bunny!

It's the new year. Lets hope we are blessed with all good vibes in 2018.  Today we are going to talk about some of the people I'd like to see have a comeback this year.

1. MFBTY (My Fans are Better Than Yours)
Tiger JK and Bizzy's appearance on Show Me the Money was FANTASTIC. A couple of weeks ago they even released a single called Ghood Family, so I'm really expecting a comeback, well I really want to so bad.

2. Song MiNo 

So with MOBB not a thing any more and Bobby with his own album I just really want him do come out with a solo album as well. Winner is amazing don't get me wrong and I would love to see them come out with new stuff this year as well. But I just really want to see Mino do an album not just a single.

3. Junoflo 

I've noticed he has been working hella hard these past few months and you can see it on his IG. But I really want him to release an album as well. I love me some Junoflo and I always get super hype when I hear people mention his name. 

4. LE 
I love LE so much and I've always wanted her to come back with her own stuff and away from EXID. And I just have gut feeling that this is her year. LE ..... FIGHTING.

5. Punchnello
I was so sad when he left Show Me the Money, but I love me some punch and I hope he returns to the spotlight and gives us a good album.

I hope the new year brings us good things! Maybe a few of my wishes as well as yours.


I really want with them to come out with an album not just a few singles.

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