Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner

YO YO YO... WHAT'S UP EVERYONE!!! Bunny here, coming at you with a brand new hoppin hip hop corner. And today's special guest...


So Millic is a producer from guess where..... HIGHGRND... I really should back off the ground but I love them so much lol. I have recently just become a fan of his. He does a lot of work with FANXY CHILD and CLUB ESKIMO, which honestly is just Dean &co. But I've really liked a lot of the songs he's come out with recently.

Paradise is the first song I heard of his. It features FANXY CHILD, but it's this really really laid back feel. I love music that makes you feel good.

I was kinda obsessed with this song when it first came out because I mean how can you not love Zico Dean and Crush. I pretty much live for FANXY CHILD lol. I'd listen to anything any of these four are in to be honest. But that being said I really like the beat to this song. Zico of course kills his part. And then you have Dean and Crush and how can you go wrong. All and all it's a great mix and my ears love great mixes.

He also has Igloo out right now. I'm even more obsessed with this one. This one has Club Eskimo which again is just Dean and others. But it's equally as good. I'm going to be honest... it's better...

This song really sounds like something from The Neighborhood (a band). I really thought they had gone Korean. But then I was like they added Dean? lmao then I saw it was Millic and I was like OOOO I'M AN IDIOT lol. It has a jazzy feel to it sometimes and I like that.

Millic is kind of in the Indie genre to me though. He's more of a producer than anything else. That being said I love him as an artist. And his album Vida was really good. He has a song on there called Something with Julius that makes me just OMG...

I just think he's worth talking about it and you should keep an ear out for him.

This has been Bunny with another hoppin hip hop corner. Don't Forget to "Stay Hoppin" ;)

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