Friday, January 26, 2018

Featured Song of the Week! (1/26/18)

Seventeen - Clap

O..M..G... This song has become a serious thing with me and Bunny. 

We literally, at least once a day, scream out JJAK JJAK JJAK JJAK and clap. Seriously. On opposite sides of the room and/or building and we just will yell it out as loud as we can. I suggested when we're in a big open place and we happen to lose each other that we just do this from now on. Regardless of the number of people looking at us like we're idiots. Sounds like a good idea, yeah?

I've found out recently that I am loving Seventeen. I use to always tell people, 'Well I'm not that into Seventeen... ' And I thought I was telling the truth. Wrong. I'm a big fat liar. At least, now I am.. I am LOVING Seventeen. 

This song especially. It's so fun to me. Who doesn't want to just yell JJAK JJAK JJAK JJAK everywhere they go? Come on~

Totally digging this song on a serious level. 

And the dance is pretty cool. 

And they're all just so lovable. 💜💙💚💛


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