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HAS Shanea's Songs of 2017! Part 1

Being 100% honest, these posts are going to be LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. This being because 2017 was a good year for music for me. I'm actually going to choose 50 songs.. Why? Because there's a whole lot of songs I loved last year. So, of course, part 1 will have 25 songs and part 2 will have 25 songs. Easy enough. There's no set order , I'm not ranking them.. But there is the fact that I have 1 group who has like over 10 songs on this list so I'm going to separate the artists with multiple songs up evenly between both posts and in each post so one group isn't all in one place. 

So let's jump right in with the first 25. 

1. KARD - Rumor

Probably my favorite song of all time of KARD's. Obviously I have to put it on this list. Though I will admit that I didn't actually start liking this song until I went to the KARD concert back in May. BTW, I highly recommend breathing the same air as BM. It's mesmerizing. 

2. Day6 - Hi, Hello

This song is actually my second favorite song from Day6. It's soft and has a good flow to it. Plus the lyrics are so adorable and meaningful. My favorite being: "
You are you, I am me
"We lived without knowing each other but With a hello
You and I became a we"

3. Twice - Heart Shaker

This song is probably the single most worst song in the universe. Why? Because it's literally been stuck in my head for the past 3 weeks. IT WON'T GO AWAY! It's the attack of the Twice!!! No seriously, I love this song so much.

4. iKON - Bling Bling

This... This is my JAM! This iKON killed it this year!!

5. Red Velvet - Red Flavor

Honestly, I didn't like this song when it came out. But after hearing it once on The Unit, that was long gone. It's so catchy!!!!

6. Winner - Really Really

One of my absolute favorite songs of the year. And my favorite Winner song to date. Really Really, it is. And trust me, that's pretty hard.

7. EXO - The Eve

This is mah song. This dance practice is my life. No, seriously. With this dance practice, Xiumin worked his way up my bias list quite a bit and Sehun became official bias wrecker. Sebooty. Dude. He killin me. How can someone in jeans and a t shirt be so utterly sexy? I don't understand it. This dance is just so sexual to me also. Everything about this was just made for me.
Featured Song post:

8. Day6 - Man in a Movie

So remember earlier when I said that a single group had over 10 songs on this list? Yeah, you can probably guess what group that is. This one. And it's not even all their title songs for EveryDay6. This year has just been an amazing year of Day6 that has made me so happy. This song is great :)

9. NCT-127 - Limitless

My absolute favorite song ever by NCT. And that's another hard one because this group has killed it this year. This song was just so amazing. 

10. BTS - Mic Drop (the original)

While I do like the remix, the original is just unbeatable. The original Mic Drop is just my jam! MIC MIC BUNGEE!
Sorry. No I'm not.

11. One - Heyahe

This song was SO good! And he's not too bad to look at either!

12. SiK-K, ph-1, Jay Park - iffy

Now, I don't normally like this kind of music. I'm not very big into the rap scene... But Bunny got me so hooked on this song! It's so catchy and SiK-K just makes me giggle sometimes.

13. Day6 - I'm Serious

This song is just amazing. And Young K in this music video just kills me <3 He's so adorable and I just love him!

14.DPR Live - Martini Blue

This song is my freaking JAM. Like and again, I don't normally like these types of song. However, this song is so unique. And the mm mm mm mm's.. I was really feeling this song. Still am! 
This was a blast from the past in December.

15. Stray Kids - Hellevator

Funny, I actually introduced Bunny to this song and now she loves them even more than I do. But this song is great! And I love the lyrics!
Featured song post:

16. Blackpink - As if it's Your Last

Huge fan of Blackpink. And this song was so good! It's definitely my favorite Blackpink song so far. And I've turned into a huge Lisa fan. I never really had a bias before this, even though I loved Lisa. But now it's official and she is my bias.

17. U-Know - Drop

Ooooooohooooooohoooooooooo. This song. This man. This dance. This everything. THIS... Was one of the best songs of the year, in my honest opinion. I love that he came back from the military with a vengeance!! He was out to slay all these ladies. And he succeeded so hard. This... This is just... Mind blowing. 
Midweek post here:

18. Day6 - What Can I Do

Again with another Day6 song. Man I love this song. But honestly, it had to grow on me... I wasn't THAT fond of it at first. But it turned out okay. And now I like it.

19. MAP6 - I'm Ready

MAP6 is easily one of my favorite underrated groups. Sad because of just how underrated they are. This song wasn't as good as Swagger Time, but of course, I really don't think they can beat Swagger Time. That being said, it's still a really great catchy song!

20. BAP - Hands Up

I like BAP anyways, but this comeback was really good to me. Plus look at that thumbnail. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

21. Day6 - Dance Dance

Hana, dul, hana, dul, set...

Those few little words.. Just those words... And Dowoon's smile... Is enough to warm up Elsa's super powers to a point where they don't even exist anymore. Ice queen nevermore after that.

22. Monsta X - Dramarama

This isn't my favorite song by Monsta X by a long shot, but nevertheless it's still a good song!!

23. Twice - Knock Knock

This was my favorite Twice song for a longgggg while. It's so cute!! And the dance is adorable. And JYP in the music video made me so happy hahaha.

24. Day6 - How Can I Say

Last Day6 song for this part 1. And one of my favorites. This was the first one they released that had more rocky undertones rather than soft rock it was a little harder. And it was my favorite for like ever. This song got my hyped. Head banging and everything. Hahahaha.

25. KARD - Hola Hola

To be completely honest here... For this to be their official debut song... It was slightly disappointing. Not because it was bad, oh god no. This song is amazing. But I feel like debuting with Rumor would have been pretty awesome. But then again, who am I to say anything about that? God, Shanea.. They're doing just fine without your input. Sheesh. BM mah baby. Just letting you all know.. I call dibs. And I got to breathe the same air as him. As much as I love J.Seph I feel like the picture I took with them would have been hella more epic if I was next to BM. Nevermind. We don't need a picture of me passing out. Because I'd die. Just letting ya know. Breathing his precious air was hard enough as it is.. 
*caution - extreme exaggerations I wouldn't die... At least not for good.. Just for a few seconds.. BM Marry me.*

So this concludes the first part of my songs of 2017!

Part 2 here:

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