Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Midweek Blast from the Past! (2/28/18)

Block B - Toy 

This is a song that gets randomly stuck in my head at random times. Me and Bunny actually got this song stuck in our head at the same exact time and the same exact part and didn't tell each other. Just at the same time we both said we had a song stuck in our head and it was this one. It just does that. 

The song is really sad.. I don't know why I'm leaning more towards the sad songs this February guys, maybe it's because as I'm getting older I just like the more emotional songs. 

Here's the lyrics. My favorite verse of this song is actually probably the first one. 

"Who cares about my emotions
You can play with me until you’re sick of me
You can break me if that’s what you want
Because I’m a toy, toy"

That tells you what the song is about fully right there. So emotional... 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Midweek Blast from the Past! (2/21/18)

IU & Seulong - Nagging

The title of this song basically says it all. 


"Stop being out so late
Try not to drink so often
You don’t listen to me like a 10 year old child
I can only laugh
Who are you calling a child?
Really, I can only laugh
You don’t know how it feels for me to say these things
You don’t know that I only want to say nice things to you
Should I stop? Let’s stop

From one to ten, they’re all words for you
But since you don’t listen to me, it’s only nagging to you
Let’s stop, let’s stop
There’s not even enough time to just love

A story told by the heart, not the mind
Stories that I can’t help but tell you even if you hate them
Let’s stop, let’s stop
I only hear your nagging

Are you eating at the right time
Are you staying away from girls
I want to be beside you all day
That’s how I feel
If I could keep you in my pocket
I’d be really happy

Our story where we can only be two
A story that would make someone laugh if they heard
Should I stop? Let’s stop

From one to ten, they’re all words for you
But since you don’t listen to me, it’s only nagging to you
Let’s stop, let’s stop
There’s not even enough time to just love

A story told by the heart, not the mind
Stories that I can’t help but tell you even if you hate them
Let’s stop, let’s stop
I only hear your nagging

Even if you glare and try to scare me
Your face is just too cute to me
Are you going to keep this up? (You) I can’t hold back anymore
I really might get angry

A story that wouldn’t be told if we were to give up love
The sound of my heart that thinks only of you
Even if you’re angry, even if you shout
Your nagging is just so sweet to me

A story that can only be told if we love
But since you don’t listen to me, it’s only nagging to you
Let’s stop, let’s stop
But trust my feelings"

Ahh love. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Featured Song of the Week! (2/16/18)

Bumkey - When I Saw You

This is one of my favorite songs right now. Partially because I'm loving this drama, but I honestly think I would just love it anyways. Bumkey's voice just completes this drama.. Though there is a cringy English verse that I don't pay too much attention to, but Bunny about dies everytime it comes on. 

"Always Behind of You" is a bit confusing English. I figure that it's trying to say "I'm always behind you." "I got your back" that sort of thing, but Bunny cringes everytime she hears that line. Bahahaha

The song is on the official soundtrack of Hwayugi(which is actually one of my favorite dramas right now) and is just so fitting. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love (day 14) LAST DAY!!!!

IT'S VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT BUNNIES ;) hahahahaha just kidding, but no really I'm kinda not. Our next contestant on HOPPIN HIP HOP LOVE is........ 

I like his round face he has for some reason. That and I think our genes will make beautiful mix babies and I'm in love with that.


but but but ... pH-1 he just ... 

okay honey okay temporary insanity I'm sorry I'm sorry jeeze just let them listen to him how about that?

Back to pH-1 we just won't tell TOP so shhhh... ANYWAY pH-1 has a newish album out you should give a try "The Island Kid" and two new single out from "Gatsby" called "penthouse" and "communicate." I hope to see more from him this year since he's just now getting to be bigger. pH-1 has a lot to offer in the industry and all we can do is watch.

UNTIL NEXT TIME THIS HAS BEEN BUNNY WITH 14 DAYS OF HOPPIN HIP HOP LOVE!!! love you my hoppers ;) see ya'll next time.

14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 14 (Valentine's Day)

It's Valentine's Day already! Which ultimately means, this is the last post until next year! How sad!

Jumping right in...

Day 14:

EXO - Universe

Exo releases some of the best slow songs around Christmas don't they? They kill all my Christmas time playlists. And they're always so sad and mournful. This is one thing I like about EXO. They can be soft or passionate or energetic, etc... They can do all genres.

Another one about going after the one you love. But this one is about loving them so much, you're nothing without them. So they'll search the universe to find the one they love.. Because that's what love is. Oh, how amazing these lyrics are. <3 

There's something so powerful about Chen's voice that makes me want to cry everytime I hear him sing. :(

Midweek Blast from the Past! (2/14/18) Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today's Midweek Blast From The Past is going back to CNBLUE 

with L.O.V.E Girl

Can you even believe this was 7 years ago? I miss old CNBLUE though, guys. CNBLUE was my favorite rock group for ever. Until Day6 and The Rose came around. 

This isn't my absolute favorite song by them, but I still love this song so much!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love (day 13)

TWO MORE DAYS OF VALENTINES AND I'M ALREADY SO SAD. We here at has always have our favorite men we swoon over, but the last two on our last for me have changed my life and naughty parts. 

I love everything about this man... well expect when he puts that stupid grill in his teeth BUT he hasn't worn that in a good while. Why doesn't everyone affiliated with AOMG have to be so dang ..... LOOK AT HIM!!!!! like can't you have to many good looking people in a company. Isn't it like a law where you can't have EVERYONE in your company just as gorgeously made as the other. 


For those of you who don't know Sik-k is a part of H1GHR MUSIC which is a sub label owned by Jay Park. Sik-k may not be a part of AOMG, but he's not far from it. H1GHR MUSIC has artist like ph-1, Groovy Room, Sik-k, Woogie, and more. 

There isn't a lot of songs I don't like by him, but I'll just put some of them down. 

I was obsessed with IFFY for so long like ya'll just don't even understand. And you will see why in tomorrows post. BUT BACK TO SiK-K!! My favorite song of all time right now is....

Gets me every time. I find myself walking around my house doing that!!!! He's so ADORABLE HELP!!!!!! 

As much as I adore Sik-K tomorrow's person is my baby daddy!!! 

14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 13

How could I run a blog without putting this group in here?

Day 13:

BTS - Dimple

This is the cutest song in existence. About a boy who's in love with a girls smile and more specifically, her dimples. So much so that he thinks it should be illegal. And he's calling her "illegirl". That part makes me giggle so hard... Illegirl. Genius. Adorable. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

This song is actually one of my favorite songs by BTS. Weird, right? These days I find myself loving the not-so-trendy songs because the trendy songs are way overplayed. I recently refound this song thanks to Spotify. I had completely forgotten this song existed. So when it came on my daily mix I was like "OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! A SONG I'M NOT TIRED OF HEARING" and have been playing it often ever since. I get really tired of trendy songs sometimes. Because when they first come out (like Mic Drop or Go Go) I love them and so does everyone else. So I play them alot and then everyone in my house plays them alot.. And then everyone in the world plays them alot.. And youtube plays them every other song... And I get so sick of them. HAHA. 

But this song I've yet to get tired of, mainly because I'm the only one in my family who likes this song right now. Score!

Monday, February 12, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love (day 12)

DAY 12!!! AND JUST 2 MORE DAYS OF LOVE. But today we have a favorite HIGHGRND person! 

It's the ears ya'll. I love a guy with cute ears I just can't help it. LOOK AT HIS NOSE he's so adorable. I just want to squeeze. Unfortunately he hasn't really come out with anything new since my last post that I know of. 

Read my earlier post about him to know more ^^^^

14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 12

Again with the 'not all love songs are about happily ever after'. This song is also about that. 

Day 12:

Bobby - I Love You

Putting the lyric video first so you can see the translation!

The song is really upbeat, but the song is actually sad! Korean artists are really good with doing this. They make a sad song not sound so depressing. But it is sad. 

The song is about a breakup and he still loves the girl, but he has to let her go. You would never guess. The lyrics blow your mind compared to the song. 

I'm so proud of Bobby for how far he's come in his musical journey in such a short time. The guy has mad skills and I loved seeing this side of him rather than just seeing 'Holup' Bobby. Admittedly, 'Holup' Bobby is still my favorite Bobby.. But this whole album of his was just so amazing and really showed how talented he is at almost everything. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love (day 11)

IT'S DAY 11!!!!! Ya'll since the very first time I heard of this guy I've been in love. Call me weird, but this is MY taste in men. 

I LOVE HIS VOICE SO MUCH... It's so unique. And to me sometimes he plays with his flow and I love that, switching it up every now and then is just ... I LOVE YOU BEWHY MARRY ME. He's handsome to me too. I'm not really sure why. IT'S THE EYEBROWS!!!! THEM EYEBROWS ON FLEEEK!!!! Really though in all seriousness I just really find him so attractive. 

I feel like I don't show enough of his show me the money stuff so I wanted to show these cause these are my favorite!

I find that not a lot of people listen to some of his older stuff. But he's a Bunny Favorite so you'll be seeing a lot of him probably!

14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 11

Now I know Kim Jong Kook was already on this list, but with Kim Jong Kook, there can never be too much of him. So today too, will be a Kim Jong Kook Song. 

Day 11:

Kim Jong Kook - Thank You

I will make a lyric video for this very soon. Trust and believe. But until then, this does have the English lyrics on here, so it helps a bit! :) 

This song is so sweet. 

A man who is so in love that he feels he has to thank her for being his girl and for letting him be her man. Lord. If that's not the sweetest most heart-melting thing you have ever heard, I don't know what is. Goals. Total goals.  

Mixed with KJK's amazing mosquito voice it's the perfect love song. (Mosquito is not an insult. I'm a big enough KJK lover to admit that he sounds like a mosquito)

It's one of his older songs, so not many foreigners know it... But it's still a classic and amazing. (Though I'm totally biased because we all know my love for KJK)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love (day 10)

Today we have another idol. This idol I actually didn't like till he started coming out with his solo stuff. 

I've never really been a big fan of VIXX and I've said that in an earlier post of Ravi, but I have also found a kind of love for him and his music. I know, I know, I'M AS LATE AS A PREGNANCY TEST! But sometimes you save the best for last. He is a very nice looking man though. And his deep voice sends tingles to your naughty parts. 

Ravi also has a new single out as well!!! 

These are just some of my favorites off his new mixtape

So I'm a little late on the Ravi Train, but I will give credit where credit is due.


14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 10

DISCLAIMER!!! While I try to keep most of my posts PG-13, nothing about this song or the thoughts that come from listening to this song are PG-13. Not for innocent eyes and/or ears! Strong language ahead.

Day 10 

Jay Park - Aquaman

If this man doesn't stop playing with my feelings like he does.. I might have a heart attack before the age of 30. Jay Park gets you all excited and hot and bothered in this stupid amazing song. Yes stupid amazing because I'm just mad at him for doing this to me, but it's still a great song. Is any song Jay Park does bad? As in it sounds bad or it's a bad quality song. This song is BAD but in all the good ways. 

Plus what is a love song series without a sexy time song? Right? Am I right? Don't leave me feeling like a pervert by myself over here... 

So the title of this song is self explanatory. 'Aquaman'. Without even listening to the song, and knowing Jay Park is what he is... You can put 2 and 2 together. 

If your heart doesn't skip a beat everytime Jay shows up on your screen, you're obviously just not that into him and there's nothing wrong with that because I will just take him and his playboy self all for myself thanks. 

#JaypocalypseOf2018 .. I've been using this hashtag since literally January 1st... And it keeps getting more and more true as this year goes by because he's ruining my life again with his fine self and amazing music.

The bad part is that this song gets stuck in my head at the most inconvenient of times. Like in the middle of Walmart and it randomly starts playing in my head and then I have to guiltily look at all the shoppers in there as if saying 'Hey, sorry my brain is such a pervert... But like I ain't even that mad cuz he's sexy af'. 

I start looking around like 
'Damn, do you think they can hear this?' 
'Wait did I just say that out loud?' 
'What if I see a church member and all I'm thinking about is Jay Park making girls wet and him being Aquaman'

Can you imagine how awkward that would be?...

Me: 'Hi so-and-so from church, how are you?
*Church member starts talking...*
My brain: 'Let me call you mama, cuz we about to make a baby'
Game over. Conversation end. Because the whole next few minutes they're talking, I'm going to be trying to make sure I don't get struck down with God's lightning. -_-

I'm gonna need Jay to STOP because I am a woman of God and should not feel this way. Got me feeling like I need to go to church everytime I listen to one of his songs because the thoughts are soooooooooooooo bad (but so good) (lord let me stop)

Friday, February 9, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love (day 9)

OMG YA'LL IT'S DAY 9 ALREADY!!!!!!! Today we have another AOMG. Why are there so many fine men in AOMG? It's gotta be in their water fountains. They all hang out there to get their sexy on! ANYWAY introducing!!!! *drum roll*

Gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAZZZZZZZ GIRLS...( and Guys) I just loves hims ... I wants to cuddles him and loves him all of the days!!!!! 

Gray is sometimes considered more of a producer, but in a lot of his songs he raps. 

HAS Glo's 14 Days of the Best Korean Love Songs + HAS Shanea = Fusion Series!

Hey, lovelies!  For the remainder of this series, I (HAS Shanea) will be taking over and finishing the series off with some of my favorite love songs! Just so Glo doesn't get left behind :)

Of course, not all love songs are about living happily ever after. But some are about the things revolving love and some of the struggles you go through. 

My favorite love song right now?

Sung Si Kyung - Holding On To You

Sung Si Kyung is easily one of my favorite artists of all time. He puts out some of the best music, this song being no exception. This sounds like an upbeat and happy love song, but the lyrics actually tell another story. The song is about not being with the one you love, but holding onto them still. When you've been broken up with, but you still have feelings for that person. This song represents that feeling spot on. 

Especially with these lines 
"Every day and every night, I think of you
Why do I want you so much?
As if you’re my breath, my day and night
You fill me up, inside and out"

But what I like about this song is that it isn't sad. The lyrics even say rather than being sad, he's just disappointed and lonely. So it's not a super depressing song. 

And I'm not just being biased because Sung Si Kyung is my number 2 love in this world. This song is a really good song that is really catchy and relatable. Definitely a winner in my book!

AND it's one of his newer songs! Released almost months ago, the official music video has just over 2.3M views. Isn't that sad? His voice just melts your heart, mind, and soul. Definitely deserves more views... So go watch it ;)