Saturday, February 10, 2018

14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 10

DISCLAIMER!!! While I try to keep most of my posts PG-13, nothing about this song or the thoughts that come from listening to this song are PG-13. Not for innocent eyes and/or ears! Strong language ahead.

Day 10 

Jay Park - Aquaman

If this man doesn't stop playing with my feelings like he does.. I might have a heart attack before the age of 30. Jay Park gets you all excited and hot and bothered in this stupid amazing song. Yes stupid amazing because I'm just mad at him for doing this to me, but it's still a great song. Is any song Jay Park does bad? As in it sounds bad or it's a bad quality song. This song is BAD but in all the good ways. 

Plus what is a love song series without a sexy time song? Right? Am I right? Don't leave me feeling like a pervert by myself over here... 

So the title of this song is self explanatory. 'Aquaman'. Without even listening to the song, and knowing Jay Park is what he is... You can put 2 and 2 together. 

If your heart doesn't skip a beat everytime Jay shows up on your screen, you're obviously just not that into him and there's nothing wrong with that because I will just take him and his playboy self all for myself thanks. 

#JaypocalypseOf2018 .. I've been using this hashtag since literally January 1st... And it keeps getting more and more true as this year goes by because he's ruining my life again with his fine self and amazing music.

The bad part is that this song gets stuck in my head at the most inconvenient of times. Like in the middle of Walmart and it randomly starts playing in my head and then I have to guiltily look at all the shoppers in there as if saying 'Hey, sorry my brain is such a pervert... But like I ain't even that mad cuz he's sexy af'. 

I start looking around like 
'Damn, do you think they can hear this?' 
'Wait did I just say that out loud?' 
'What if I see a church member and all I'm thinking about is Jay Park making girls wet and him being Aquaman'

Can you imagine how awkward that would be?...

Me: 'Hi so-and-so from church, how are you?
*Church member starts talking...*
My brain: 'Let me call you mama, cuz we about to make a baby'
Game over. Conversation end. Because the whole next few minutes they're talking, I'm going to be trying to make sure I don't get struck down with God's lightning. -_-

I'm gonna need Jay to STOP because I am a woman of God and should not feel this way. Got me feeling like I need to go to church everytime I listen to one of his songs because the thoughts are soooooooooooooo bad (but so good) (lord let me stop)

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