Sunday, February 11, 2018

14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 11

Now I know Kim Jong Kook was already on this list, but with Kim Jong Kook, there can never be too much of him. So today too, will be a Kim Jong Kook Song. 

Day 11:

Kim Jong Kook - Thank You

I will make a lyric video for this very soon. Trust and believe. But until then, this does have the English lyrics on here, so it helps a bit! :) 

This song is so sweet. 

A man who is so in love that he feels he has to thank her for being his girl and for letting him be her man. Lord. If that's not the sweetest most heart-melting thing you have ever heard, I don't know what is. Goals. Total goals.  

Mixed with KJK's amazing mosquito voice it's the perfect love song. (Mosquito is not an insult. I'm a big enough KJK lover to admit that he sounds like a mosquito)

It's one of his older songs, so not many foreigners know it... But it's still a classic and amazing. (Though I'm totally biased because we all know my love for KJK)

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