Wednesday, February 14, 2018

14 Days of the Best Love Songs: Day 14 (Valentine's Day)

It's Valentine's Day already! Which ultimately means, this is the last post until next year! How sad!

Jumping right in...

Day 14:

EXO - Universe

Exo releases some of the best slow songs around Christmas don't they? They kill all my Christmas time playlists. And they're always so sad and mournful. This is one thing I like about EXO. They can be soft or passionate or energetic, etc... They can do all genres.

Another one about going after the one you love. But this one is about loving them so much, you're nothing without them. So they'll search the universe to find the one they love.. Because that's what love is. Oh, how amazing these lyrics are. <3 

There's something so powerful about Chen's voice that makes me want to cry everytime I hear him sing. :(

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