Sunday, February 4, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love (day 4)

It's Day 4 EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm coming back at you with another good looking hip hop artist. Today is a new fellow that is close to my heart.

I have written about DPR Live before, but you can't not love him. Look at his smile!!!!!!!


We all can't deny that Martini Blue was absolutely GORGEOUS, LIT, and just out right OUTSANDING MMMMH MH MH MH *insert martini blue sound effect here*

After I got tired of playing this song on repeat there was this one. Okay so that's not possible. You can't over play that song. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!!!

But you can't forget the other ones like "Know Me"

And the first one I saw him in.  "God Bless"

But there's also "Please" that's really good. Gotta love Dumb and G2

DPR Live has a lot of things going for him right now and I hope he continues. I hope the whole group continues. 

Tomorrow we have another day and another smokin hot KHop rapper to talk about. So, don't go hoppin off. See who joins us tomorrow on 14 days of Hoppin Hip Hop Love

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