Saturday, February 3, 2018

14 Days of Hoppin Hip hop Love (day3)

Hey all you "Hoppers" It's another beautiful day here in the Hip hop fandom. It's day and 3 of hoppin hip hop days of love and we have......

You may know HanHae from Phantom. You May know HanHae from his last Show Me the Money 6 appearance.

WHAT EVER THE CASE MAYBE... just look at hims AWWWWWWW and yes I said hims DEAL WITH it. ANYWAY.. back to the task at hand. I happen to really like Han Hae. Sometimes I feel like he gets a little lost in the crowd, BUT that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't have the talent. I just feel like he's adorable.....

He hasn't had a lot of singles, but there are a few that I like.

He has a new song out!

Well I hope you had fun looking at our day 3. Comeback tomorrow for real LIVE surprise.

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