Saturday, February 3, 2018

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 3/14

Day 3 is:


Now most people do not really consider "Pinocchio" as having a strong second lead syndrome. And I can see where this comes from. 

1. Beom Jo is creepy. If you haven't watched the drama and found out how he started liking In Ha... It's quite creepy.
2. Dal Po is unbeatable. Dude their chemistry was off the CHARTS! 

While I could not see her with anyone else besides Dal Po, I feel like Beom Jo's efforts and just his overall being doesn't need to be overlooked. 

Beom Jo had it hard dude.. Realizing that someone you love is a monster? That's tough.. And even rebelling against said person you love because you know it isn't right? That's very courageous, honorable, and just overall great. And he really did like In Ha alot. But even he knew he couldn't be with her... Dal Po was overpowered af. Js. 

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