Sunday, February 4, 2018

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 4/14

Day 4: While You Were Sleeping

This drama is one of the most emotional dramas I've watched lately. I was constantly crying. Lee Jong Suk just makes me cry... And the worst part was because of what happens at the last episode. I literally cried for a whole hour. Muahaha I'm not telling you what happened either. Go watch it. 

Han Woo Tak...

This is the most precious baby in the history of dramas ever. Protect at all costs!

To be fully honest, this is one of the most painful 'Second Lead Syndrome's' I've seen in a long while. Jung Hae In is a PHENOMENAL actor.  This is honestly my personal number 1 most painful second lead syndrome. The way he looks at her, talks to her, protects her... All while being really good friends with Jae Chan  trying to keep their relationship... It's just so mind-numbingly heartbreaking.

Of course I will always tell you that Lee Jong Suk's character was overpowered af. Like the dude just always gets the most amazing roles and of course you want them with the girl.. But honestly, this one came really close to me wanting her to leave Jae Chan behind. 
He gave up EVERYTHING for Hong Joo. He got stabbed and beaten... He got kicked off of the police force... Everything he could possibly do to make sure she was happy and safe, he did. He even helped Jae Chan and Hong Joo have a happy relationship all while he was hurting so much. And then the picture with him and her's shadow on the ground together as his background killed my heart. He loved her with every fiber of his being.... But again, Jae Chan was overpowered. But the way Woo Tak looked at Hong Joo... And the way he smiled at her... And the way he acted around her... I just... I can't deal. This was one of those rare occurrences that if the second lead WOULD have gotten the girl, I'd be perfectly fine with that. I could honestly have still enjoyed the drama to it's fullest if Woo Tak would have ended up with Hong Joo. And that doesn't normally happen. I usually get frustrated with dramas where the second lead does get the girl. 

I really appreciate this drama because honestly dramas these days don't give 'Second Lead Syndrome'. They are too emotional in other ways that having a second lead syndrome is almost completely un-needed. Which I understand. And there's some pretty good dramas these days without having this factor. But then again it's always nice to go back to love triangles. It rips your heart out in the worst of ways.... But it's almost a comforting type of story line because it's what you're use to.. That make sense? Maybe not. Heh. 

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