Monday, February 5, 2018

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 5/14

Day 5:

She Was Pretty - Kim Shin Hyuk

To this day.. Shin Hyuk is still one of my favorite Kdrama characters. Siwon played this role SO WELL! He's goofy, hilarious, lovable, and madly in love with the lead actress. 

(This one especially kills my heart. The way he says 'Don't Go'. Heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.)

Of course Park Seo Joon's character was overkill. Honestly I fall head over heels with all Park Seo Joon characters. But Siwon was KILLING this role! He's so heartbroken about losing her, but he knows their history so he knows he can't necessarily do anything about it... Which is probably the saddest part. I do love this man's role in this drama. So glad he's back from the military so we can see plenty more of Siwon in roles!

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