Wednesday, February 7, 2018

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 7/14

Day 7:

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Here's another curveball. Another Multiple Personality... But this one is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY worse than Kill Me, Heal ME. The Second Lead Syndrome on this drama is to die for. Your heart will get ripped out and shredded to a million pieces. 

With Kill Me, Heal Me it's still sad because she likes Se Gi.. But with this drama it's a million times worse. Why? Because she's head over heels in love with Robin. It's not a like... It's an 'In Love' And it is SO SAD. 

Do you see this??!?!?!?! DO YOU SEE THIS!!! The sweetness!!! 

Robin is SO sweet. And he is so lovable and squishy. And he loves her....  So so much. I just couldn't deal with the feels. 

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