Friday, February 9, 2018

HAS Glo's 14 Days of the Best Korean Love Songs + HAS Shanea = Fusion Series!

Hey, lovelies!  For the remainder of this series, I (HAS Shanea) will be taking over and finishing the series off with some of my favorite love songs! Just so Glo doesn't get left behind :)

Of course, not all love songs are about living happily ever after. But some are about the things revolving love and some of the struggles you go through. 

My favorite love song right now?

Sung Si Kyung - Holding On To You

Sung Si Kyung is easily one of my favorite artists of all time. He puts out some of the best music, this song being no exception. This sounds like an upbeat and happy love song, but the lyrics actually tell another story. The song is about not being with the one you love, but holding onto them still. When you've been broken up with, but you still have feelings for that person. This song represents that feeling spot on. 

Especially with these lines 
"Every day and every night, I think of you
Why do I want you so much?
As if you’re my breath, my day and night
You fill me up, inside and out"

But what I like about this song is that it isn't sad. The lyrics even say rather than being sad, he's just disappointed and lonely. So it's not a super depressing song. 

And I'm not just being biased because Sung Si Kyung is my number 2 love in this world. This song is a really good song that is really catchy and relatable. Definitely a winner in my book!

AND it's one of his newer songs! Released almost months ago, the official music video has just over 2.3M views. Isn't that sad? His voice just melts your heart, mind, and soul. Definitely deserves more views... So go watch it ;)

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