Friday, February 2, 2018

K-News with KDQ

Good morning/afternoon/evening! A while back I did a news blog and I stopped for some reason so I thought that I would try it out again. If you enjoy this, please leave me some feedback so I will know whether to keep going. Thank you in advance. On to the news!!

I don't have too many things to report this week but I can say this is probably my favorite.....


It is not for an album (just yet) but they will be getting together on the show "Infinite Challenge" and will be performing together on February 15! If by chance you do not know who H.O.T is, here is the blog I did about 6 years ago. Enjoy!

In other news, GOT7 is coming out with a new album!! No word of what date their new comeback will be but I would think it would be in the next few months. Don't bash me for this but....I hope this album is better than the last ones that they have come out with. I did not care for the past 2 albums at all.

Until next week....

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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