Friday, February 2, 2018

Number 2 - Heaven - EXO

Hello Lovies!!!

Did you enjoy the several amazing 14 days of yesterday? Well don't settle down because there's so much more to come! 

Today we're turning our eyes to the one and only ...EXO!!!! 

There's tons of them to share and all extremely handsome too!!!! I love me some Chanyeol!!!!!! 

Ok ok ok .... enough daydreaming ... well just for like a minute. 

Today we'll be observing, memorizing, and daydreaming about the amazing group Exo singing Heaven. 

This song is catchy, and very loving! Like c'mon, who wouldn't like having Exo singing to you that you're the stars and you're their reason to smile and live. 

I saw this video and it was the cutest thing ever! Go, watch it, and enjoy the eye candy!! 


1 comment:

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