Saturday, February 3, 2018

Number 3 - Person, Love - Kim Bum Soo

Hey .... Hey ... Hey you!!!! 

Well, how are you enjoying the series? Good I hope! 

Alrighty ... 

Today's song is one of my very personal favorites. I sing the duet with one of my good friends (more like a sister) who has a freaking amazing voice and I hate her for it. Not really. 

(^ me.. lol... I WILL SING WITH ALL MY HEART!!) 

(Her ... no joke! 😁😁😁) 

Have you heard the amazingness named Kim Bum Soo??? No, well listen to this and you'll be in heaven sooner than you thought! 

Oh... my ... god ... (to quote Janice in FRIENDS) he's not only an extremely good singer, he's soooooo good looking!!!!!!!!!!!

And let's not forget the featuring guest ... Lena Park. Their voice blends so amazing!

Don't take my word for it... LISTEN TO IT!!! YES THAT'S AN ORDER!!! 


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