Monday, February 5, 2018

Number 5 - Angel - NCT 127

Ok ok ... so, how was the sweetness of KJK??? As amazing as you thought? Better? 


Alright! Let's keep on drooling for a little longer. Today I bring you NCT 127 ANGEL!!! 

Have you heard the lyrics to this song?! Have you?! NO?! THEN GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW!! 

I'll even make it easy. I'll provide a link for you because I'm that nice! 

Maybe the nicest of the group Nah, if anything I'm mischievous! 

I don't follow this group very much, but I do like some of their songs! I did enjoy this one. It's not often someone calls me an Angel! I think that's something I want to hear everything! 

It's been decided! 

Let's do it! Listen to it and dance to it. It's a catchy one! 

( My dance moves!!! Also... LOVE DongWoo!!!)



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