Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Number 6 - I Choose To Love You - Hyorin

I know that for the last couple of days I've had you drool over guys ...  But them Korean girls are HOT!!! 

I'm straight, but if I was to go lesbian for someone it would be for Hyorin. She's magnificent and gorgeous. and such a kind person. 

If she came to me today and was like, hey G, be mine! I would melt and then say yes. Or say say and then melt. Either way I'm melting and probably saying goodbye to my boyfriend ...(I still love you baby!!) 

Her voice ... Oh my goodness ... Her voice alone melts me. She has such a strong voice and so soft too. Amazing control with it too. She's just all around gorgeous. 

Don't take my words for it. Look at her .... LOOK AT HER!!!!!!  Hmph ... like I would have you make a choice. ... hehehehehehe! 

Please listen to this amazing song and tell me if you haven't fallen in love with her.... BECAUSE I WILL HELP YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH HER!!!! 


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