Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Number 7 - Wedding Dress - Taeyang

Hello hello hello lovelies!!! 

Did you turn gay for Hyorin? Because I know I did. Well I did a couple years ago ... but you didn't have to know that! 

Alright... This is ironic because earlier this week I said Taeyang was not getting married but he did. He's happily married. Sadly for me! 

Today's song is Taeyang's Wedding Dress. I absolutely love this song! It's really a sad song. 

Pretty much it's singing about how he was a few moments to late in asking the girl of his dreams to marry him.

Now he can put that song behind him. Because he scored a gorgeous woman! If he's happy I'll be happy. 

Listen to this amazing sad song! Just get lost in it! 

Until tomorrow Lovelies!! 

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