Thursday, February 8, 2018

Number 8 - What I Want To Do If I Had A Lover - G.NA ft. Rain

Welcome back Lovelies 

So... did you cry over Taeyang's marriage like I did? Because I cried .... and I cried ... and I cried .... and well, you get the point! 

Today, we'll be obsessing over gorgeous G.NA. Shes' gorgeous. I don't... I don't think you read it just quite right .... SHE'S GORGEOUS!!! Oh my damn! 

Her voice is so sweet and innocent and soft. And let's not forget about the ft. of Rain. 

In this song G.NA is talking about when she has a lover of all the things she has planned for them to do. 

I'm not gonna lie. I've made plans like that before and still do even though I'm not single now (let's hope never single again.... EVER!!!!) 

Watch this live performance, it's not with rain but with Yon Hyun Sang! Still, very beautiful!! 

Until next time lovelies!!! 

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