Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner ( Cheetah)

I really don't know a lot about this artist today. We can learn together!!!!
I do know that she is the winner of the first Unpretty Rapstar, and I do know about her song "change my number," I did like it, but it wasn't a OMG HAD TO LISTEN TO OVER AND OVER type song.


I did  know that she was also an underground before going on the show. With that being said you don't usually hear a lot from her. She's not usually on a lot of shows that I know of , to promote her music, BUT I just love her swag. 

Upon doing some research I did find that Cheetah before debuting was in a terrible accident (she got hit by a bus...yessss hoppers a bus) and it landed her in a coma for a good while. That's the reason you never hear her sing the respirator ruined her vocal cords.

Cheetah is a member of C9 Entertainment, which supports artist like Jung Joon Yong ( and Drug Restaurant)  and Wanna One, just to name a few.

I'm always excited about her new stuff because I love seeing people like her succeed. When she came out with this new one after being gone for a while I was so ready. 

"I'll Be There" dropped on the 28th of February

Can I just say I love her new look. Can we just take a minute and just look at how FLAWLESS she is!!!!!!

I was really shocked about this single. It wasn't really what I expected from her. I kinda expected it to be a little be more pop music then what she gave me, but I actually liked it. All in all I thought It was a good comeback and something we really needed. as listeners.

Thanks again for reading and remember Stay Hoppin ;)  by for now see you next time.

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner (Update)

HEY MY FELLOW HOPPERS LONG TIME NO SEE!!! It's been absolutely crazy for me! I'm in a new spot with a new place, with new family! But news is good. I'm sorry I haven't been around, but it's been a BUSY couple of months. But FINALLY I'M BACK!! so lets get started with an update. The last you saw me we talked about "She's Gone" by Jong Ilhoon, and SanE and Mad Clown's "Butterfly, " but there are several other comebacks I want to talk about.


Yoonmirae is one of my FAVORITE Korean artist in this hip hop or music history. If you follow my blogs you might can figure out who my biases are. (Tablo, Top, Tiger Jk, Yoonmirae) each one of them have their own lane, but this woman just fits in mine. I love her so much she's a great singer, rapper, and even mom. I mean it can't be that bad being married to this......

Anyway, Yoonmirae has come up with several new singles in the past couple of months....and her new album "Gemini 2 " is one of my new favorites of the year !!

The album has some MAD features with people like my boy Junoflo ya'll know I love me some Juno. Double K , Tiger Jk, And Champagne are just to name a few more. But with a name and the Bad A$$ ness that she has how can you expect any less. 

Kawi Bawi Bo was her first comeback of the year and honestly it was exactly what I wanted from her. But if it's not for you don't worry because there is one the next one is where she took it to a whole new level. JUNOFLOOOOO

This song right here ya'll ... equals life LOL no but really it's just an all around catchy song. You should listen to it multiple times.... in a row.... for hours lol

That's it for this blog... I know it's kind of short but I hope your excited to see me with some more comebacks :D by ya'll

And as always stay Hoppin :D