Monday, February 10, 2020


Hello, everyone. HAS Shanea back from about a 2 year hiatus. At this point in life, I'll never promise that I will come out with new content or start on new exciting adventures or do anything, for that matter. Life has gotten a bit tough and as much as I would love to say 'I'M BACK, HERE'S HAS' FUTURE', life is just so unpredictable and to be honest I am just now getting back into Korean things. 

So I'll give some updates because why not? 

1. I moved from my small town in Mississippi to Minneapolis, MN to attend the University of Minnesota. Asian Languages and Literatures major. Focus in Korean (of course). And it was amazing. Seriously the opportunity of a lifetime and it was the most amazing experience. But I've had so many life problems pop up since I've been here, I've had to give this up. Financial being the biggest part.

2. Me and my boyfriend moved in together and got a cat. 

She's the cutest and the sweetest little piece of garbage. (I say that lovingly)

3. And this one is kind of a shocker. I fell out of the Korean world. Not because I didn't like it anymore. Trust, that's definitely not it. I was studying it. Life got really rough and if we are honest it's still pretty rough. So I just became overwhelmed with other things and fell into a huge depression and it's almost like this depression rejected anything that brought me joy. I'm still struggling with this. It's really hard for me to find my way out of the whole I've gone into but I'm trying. I definitely couldn't watch dramas. Oh no. Not possible. Too emotional. And again, rejecting them.

4. I finally saw DAY6 in concert. We won't talk about the fact that I had a huge anxiety attack and had to leave early. But in case you didn't know, KARD and DAY6 are my top groups.

5. I am still sick. Still battling my lung issues. Still in and out of the doctor. Thankfully in the past 2 years, I've only been admitted to the hospital once. Thank God for Minnesota having better healthcare options so i can see doctors whenever i need to. Which is usually weekly. 

6. Bunny hates on me because I never watch the videos she sends and never remember to text her back in timely manner. LOL

So life has been pretty hectic. Heck, I don't even know half of the groups out anymore dude. I just watched 'Melting Me Softly' and everyone in the Viki comments is like GOLDEN CHILD OMGGGGG GOLDEN CHILDDDD because apparently a member is in the drama and I was over here like ....who the heck is that... and I still need to look them up and listen to their music because I'm just awful.

I wanted to write and share that life is difficult sometimes, ya know? I feel it. Everyday. But I'm trying to force myself to do the things I enjoy. So I felt I needed to write on here because this blog gave me so much joy for so long. It's been 8 years this year since I started it. 

Oh, I did manage to upload new lyric videos to Youtube. I got so excited and was like IM GONNA DO A MILLION OF THESE. and I think i mustered up 2. LOL 

All in good time. 

Stay happy and healthy, friends.

-HAS Shanea Feb 11 2020

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