Saturday, January 1, 2022

HAS Returns (maybe?)

After coming to the realization that there are still people out there that for some reason like us and want to follow us, we have decided we will TRY to start HAS back up. Being over 2 years since our last post, that might prove to be difficult since it's been awhile and we aren't use to this anymore. 

I have no idea where you all keep coming from, but in recent months we have been getting a couple likes a week on our HAS Facebook page and that's been very odd since again we haven't written in over 2 years and haven't done anything substantial with our Facebook page either. I haven't even done a lyric video in well over a year. We all kind of just... fell off. 

Some of us started families, some of us went to college(and didn't finish and fell into depression), and some just fell out of the Korean entertainment world until we just all kind of stopped writing and gave up. 

As I started this blog in 2012, you can see how Kpop has changed. So many groups have come and gone and our favorites no longer exist but as a memory as some of the artists are solo or just act now or just left the industry completely. Everyone grew up and moved on and we couldn't keep up with the waves of new age groups coming and going. Our favorites such as Big Bang, SNSD, Super Junior, and those age groups have all grown up into successful humans who are starting families or getting married. A bittersweet goodbye to them as we loved them so much and cling to the joy they gave us from their music and personalities (so much so we would make a whole blog dedicated just to writing about them and their impact on our lives), but also, being so happy to see them succeed and grow and be amazing humans who bring so much to the world. 

New Kpop doesn't sound the same and when we fell off the grid from the Korean world, catching up with the new kpop trends seemed impossible and was just not the same. 

Dramas have been something we always enjoy. Not nearly as much as we use to as again we all have our different obstacles in life and life is just.... busy. And hard. Don't forget hard. So we watch one every now and then and it reminds us of how much we love them but also pangs in the heart of days that were so much easier and life wasn't AS hard or busy. 

In 2022, HAS KDQ and I made the decision that we are (and I stress) we are going to TRY to write more and at least give these new groups and their music a chance and go from there. Every now and then some groups or songs catch our eyes and ears. For me personally, girl groups have really flourished and I'm thankful for that. We will see where this goes and if anyone cares to go on this ride with us.

As always, with love, Shanea. 

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