Monday, January 10, 2022

2022 - The Year of Changes

 2022 has just recently kicked off. And as we've seen, it's started with a bang. Outside of the K-world, Betty White was taken from us just before the start which is the most heart-breaking thing since she was such a treasure. But in the K-world there's been some things shaking and we can already see that 2022 is going to be a year of changes. Good or bad? We will have to see but changes nonetheless and we just have to roll with them whether we like them or not. 

First major change and probably my worst nightmare... Jay Park has retired. Stepped down from being CEO to his two labels, quit the music industry, even so much as deleting his Instagram. Poof he was just gone. And unfortunately for my emotions, he knows how to go out in style because he released a whole video.. Which have brought some sobs from the deepest part of my soul forward. 

Anyone who knows anything about the HAS crew knows that Jay Park has and always will be my number one (except maybe to Kim Jong Kook, but you get what I mean). Countless hours of his music on repeat and just taking strength and hope and encouragement from everything he has gone through and come out on the other end victorious, successful, and THRIVING. There is and will never be no one like him and his retirement has hit me really hard, quite honestly. But all the respect to him and his future endeavors. Maybe he'll find a wife and settle down. Maybe he'll have some kids and join Return of Superman (LOL). Or maybe he'll just live a somewhat normal life from now on with his Soju company. I wish all the love and support on his choices and hope he lives a life he thought he'd never have after being in the K-industry so long. 

Second big change is Jae has left DAY6. Also one of my favorites and really hard news to take... But at the same time if you follow Jae at all or know anything about him, it was almost expected. 

And even more unfortunate, he is now wrapped up in a huge scandal with Jamie.

During a live, he said she was trying to be a 'thot'. Now, IDK if he is just a normally crap-show of a person and the only reason he's been so likable up to this point is because he had JYP filter on.. But it's pretty ridiculous and she was VERY hurt.. He has redacted calling her a 'thot' as he says he meant to say she was like a 'baddie'. But that kind of makes no sense since he specifically said 'Now that I’m not in K-pop anymore, I can say this. Why is Jamie trying to be a thot?'.. You wouldn't have to leave K-pop to call her a baddie. So that apology seems a little like covering his a** if you get what I mean. 

Lastly the very sad news of Kim Mi Soo passing. 

At only 29(born in 92), the beautiful actress has passed away. Kim Mi Soo is most known for her appearance in 'Snowdrop'. She will be very missed and it's always sad when such a beautiful soul leaves this earth early. But we will always remember her from her appearances on dramas and she will live on through all the people who met her. 

So as I said, it's not even been 2 weeks into 2022 yet and already some pretty crazy changes have happened. Buckle up, friends. This year is going to be a hell of a ride. 

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