Monday, January 3, 2022

Afterthoughts : Hotel Del Luna (Second Lead Syndrome)


I am a bit late to the party, admittedly. Hotel Del Luna became a big drama when it was released in 2019 and here I am watching it years later. HAS KDQ, of course, watched the drama long before I did but in typical HAS Shanea fashion, I rebel to watch anything that is recommended to me because of reasons unknown. So here I am years later watching the drama and loving it, obviously. But there's something that bothers me. I have some severe second lead syndrome(*) for Go Chung Myung. 

(*) Reason for putting the star is because I'm unsure whether I can really consider him the second lead or the first lead. If you've ever watched the drama, you'll know that the drama primarily focuses around the fact that Man Wol loved Chung Myung and his betrayal in killing her people caused all of the events leading to her being chained to Hotel Del Luna. So technically he would be considered the first lead and Chan Sung would more likely be the second lead. But for simplification purposes and the fact that Chan Sung IS in fact the lead male in the drama, I'm going to say Second Lead Syndrome counts. 

Throughout the drama we are lead to believe he's a terrible person who turned on the girl who loved him and killed Yeon Woo. But slowly over time through Chan Sung's dreams  we see that he didn't have "much" of a choice in the slaying of her people and made a promise to Yeon Woo that he would save her.. So in the end we are basically just pitying poor Chung Myung for being in a terrible situation while still loving Chan Sung and no other guy can compare. 

While I agree with Chan Sung and Man Wol being together 100%, I can't help but wish things had been different for Chung Myung. I wish he had not stuck around for over 1,000 years waiting to be forgiven by Man Wol (though if he hadn't and had been reincarnated she for sure would have killed him). I personally believe he deserved so much more than he got. Yes, he still did terrible things and he still had many sins to atone for. But he was not this monster that we originally thought he was and I just wish things had gone better for him. 

Or maybe at least had just been able to be reincarnated and we can see him living a happy life. All we got to see was him going to the afterlife and it broke my heart that we didn't get to see any kind of happiness at all from other than just being happy Man Wol forgave him. He had a pretty crap ending to his real life and then had to stick around for over a thousand years watching the woman he loves despise him and being a bad person because of her hatred. I just felt like he deserved more and wish we could have seen him happy like Lee Mi Ra and Park Young Soo. 

Beautiful drama and I'm not saying it should have ended any other way. Just simply wished more for the poor guy and hoped he could be as happy as he deserved. 

Also, RIP Sulli. Literally cried ugly tears because I didn't know she was in this drama. Miss her beautiful presence in this world. 

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