Monday, January 10, 2022

Afterthoughts: Mad for Each Other


If you like the HAS facebook page, you'll see all in one night I posted 3 updates about this drama. Long story short, I binged it in one night. 

I enjoyed the drama, but truthfully in the beginning it was a little hard to get into for me. Thankfully the episodes were pretty short so it was easy to keep watching and let it get better. It finally got better around episode 3 and kept my attention the remaining 10 episodes. 

To be fully honest, I don't have many afterthoughts about this drama. I liked it and I enjoyed it, but I just don't have many takeaways. I love Jung Woo and after Reply 1994 I will literally go to the ends of the earth for this man. I could listen to him talk on a loop to sleep at night. 

The biggest takeaway I have is I love the inclusion in this drama of Samantha. 

What a good person they are. I almost enjoyed their scenes sometimes more than the leads. Samantha was beautiful and Sang Yeob was adorable and it was just great. This made me very happy. 

Also seeing Jung Woo dress like a woman was a winner as well. 

Like I said not many thoughts. Just appreciative of the inclusion. I love where he asked Jung Woo "aren't you going to ask if I'm gay, transgender, a crossdresser.." so on and so forth and the only thing he says is "I don't know myself, all I know is I like to dress like a woman sometimes." Good on you, Samantha. Good on you. 

I'd recommend giving it a watch, the episodes are only 30 minutes long and there's only 13 of them. On Netflix if you're interested. 


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