Saturday, January 15, 2022

Afterthoughts - Singles Inferno: Episode 1


Jumped on the bandwagon and started watching 'Single's Inferno' today. So spoilers to come, in case you haven't watched it yet. I've seen it's similar to 'Love Island' but of course, I don't watch most reality shows like that so I would have no idea if it's similar to anything lol 

From the beginning it's SO AWKWARD. Not me over here with my pillow over my face as everyone walks in one by one. My blood pressure rose. First and foremost, every single person on this season is so attractive it's ridiculous but there's one that sticks out to me. This man is gorgeous....

Lawd please help. When he walked down those stairs I was like 'meh.. he's okay' But when he took off the glasses? and during the interviews and the rest of the time? Whew that guy blew my socks off. Now of course I am writing these comments AS I watch the show, so I could very well end up liking someone else by the end of the episode but this man and his visuals have killed me.

It's pretty funny because it's a 'dating' show but also has a lot of survival aspects to it such as having to go long distances for water and making their own food. I kind of like it so far. The island itself is beautiful, just breathtaking. The hosts or commentators are amazing and really help breakaway from the anxiousness it normally would cause for me to watch. They're hilarious and all their comments are exactly what we are all thinking. lol 

Se Hoon stepping up for the cooking stole my heart. 💕 There is just something about 1. A man who can cook, 2. A man who takes control in a unknown situation, and 3. A man who is so sweet while doing all of the above. What a gem. 

In my personal opinion, I think that out of the ladies.. Song Ji A will be the most popular. The episode ends on a cliffhanger about who received 3 notes and I believe she was the one to receive all 3. My personal favorites so far at the end of this episode 1? Moon Se Hoon and Kang So Yeon. 

We will see what the future holds as the show progresses. Be back tomorrow!

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