Sunday, January 2, 2022

IF YOU WATCHED SQUID GAME, READ THIS! (read it even if you haven't 🤣)

If you are a living breathing person with access to the internet, then by now you should have watched AT LEAST one of the Korean movies/dramas that is out right now. 

Train to Busan? Parasite? Squid Game? 

If you are reading this right now and HAVE NOT watched any of these, I demand that you stop right now, go out and find them, watch them all and then come back. We will me it's worth it! 

Oh hi, welcome back! Did you watch them? Pretty darn good huh? Now let me tell you something GREAT! There are thousands more awesome and amazing Korean dramas out there!! It doesn't stop with these! You can find these dramas on Netflix. Just search "Korean" and they will come up. Zombies, blood and guts not your thing? That's OK! There are action dramas, thriller dramas, funny dramas, sappy dramas and very very sad dramas. Something for everyone!! Also there is this great app out there called 'Viki" that is great for Korean dramas/movies. 

There is a whole world of greatly written material out there that you are missing out on! So, go on and grab your popcorn, your sweetie or just your remote and get to watching something GREAT! You can come back and thank me later!! 



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