Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Insight into the Writer: Artists I kept up with while away

As I mentioned in my post on the 1st, for awhile there I distanced myself or fell away from the Kpop world. And that doesn't mean I was away completely. That just means that I was not nearly as involved as I once was and definitely not in the loop with current groups or trends. Now there are a couple of artists that I managed to listen to the most and keep (somewhat) up to date on their music. 

BTS (of course) 

It's kind of hard to not be up to date with BTS music when they are the biggest superstars in modern day music all over the world. (So proud of our boys). So of course BTS music has been a constant while I was distanced. While I do love their recent music in English, I'm ready for some good Korean songs to come back. Making English music made sense since they are worldwide famous, but their Korean music always hit differently. Patiently waiting for that comeback. 


The modern day K-music queen. Sort of like BoA back in 2nd gen. Her music is always good. Have not been disappointed as of yet with any of her comebacks. Was really easy to stay listening to her new songs as they always were just so good. Her voice, the choreography, everything was just perfect. 


Surprisingly, I LOVE ITZY. When they released Dalla Dalla, I loved the song, but I kind of thought they were one of those groups that would have one hit and then something would happen and they'd fizzle out. But man their songs are good. Countless hours I have listened to them. Not Shy being my personal favorite. I have not really gotten into Cherry or even In the Morning so far. Maybe listening to them more times they will eventually grow on me. But this group is a powerhouse of talent. 

Blackpink (and all of their solos)

Talk about a powerhouse, whew. This is another group that's hard to NOT keep up with as they're worldwide famous as well. And for very very good reason. Their music is FIRE. Whether its as a group or solo, they kill my playlist every single time they release something. Lisa is currently running my life with 'Money'. But Rose's 'On the Ground' is my second favorite currently. That one took a couple listens (as in like 3) for me to get fully into but now it's one of my favorites. 


Not so surprising if you've ever read the blog before. Day6 was and is still one of my favorite groups of all time. It still haunts me I had to leave their concert in Minneapolis early due to anxiety. Literally have cried ugly tears at that fact ever since then and I think that was in 2019 LOL. Their music hits my soul on a different level than any other kpop group has managed to do. Belting their songs at the top of my lungs is the therapeutic equivalent to hugging an ultra fluffy dog. Like one of the goodest boys with the most hair that when you hug them, you sink in. That's what Day6 songs are to me. Lately, 'Healer' has been on repeat and I'm not ashamed to say my roommate has literally come out and asked me on multiple occasions "Didn't you just listen to that song like 5 times" Well yes, yes I did. And I will listen to it about 2 more times before going to the next one lol 

I had thought about it a lot if there was anything that was keeping me from or making me stick around Korean music. Really trying to get deep in thought about what caused me to fall out and what are factors that kept me hanging on to that part of my life. Turns out, it's just who I am. There were many people who always claimed it was just a phase and looked down on me for my interest and my field of study. And when I fell out from kpop I often wondered if they were right, but then found myself listening to old Korean songs still or even new ones that interested me. This is just who I am and depression really has a way of making you into someone you're not and makes you rethink everything that ever gave you joy and why it just didn't seem to do the trick anymore. So I thought it would be an interesting insight as to what music I still listened to while I was away. 

Be safe out there, friends. Much love, Shanea. 

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