Friday, January 14, 2022

Single's Inferno: 'Afterthoughts' series starting tomorrow.


Single's Inferno is a really popular K-dating variety show that has recently aired. To be perfectly honest here, I don't normally watch dating variety shows that all of America seem to love and adore (such as the Bachelor, Bachelorette, etc). They make me very anxious for some reason and never really interested me. To be fully honest, I don't watch many variety shows to begin with but definitely stay away from the dating ones. (And let's admit I'm also a bit of a rebel and stay away from mainstream or trendy shows)

But with this one being so popular and of course being a South Korean one, I have decided I'm going to commit myself to watching it one episode a day and writing my thoughts about each episode. Why not? So if you haven't watched it yet, the next few blogs about these will most likely contain spoilers. 

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