Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Rose is back!

 Literally cannot contain my excitement as I'm writing this. The Rose is back!!

The Rose is one of my favorite Korean bands of all time. And rightfully so, they are a group of amazing talent and musical abilities. If you don't know who they are, I'd like to refer you to this song as it's their first and most well-known song. 

'sorry' was my anthem when it came out. Fell in love immediately with their music style and voices and personality. 

If you don't know who they are, that's okay. Many people don't. They didn't have a very good time with their company and eventually had to get a lawsuit to get out of the contract. So while going through the lawsuit and hiatus, members went into the military in 2020 and are still there as of now. So as you can imagine, they are not very well known. But they have stated they will remain together and that has stayed true to this day. 

Following the completion of the lawsuit and not being contractually bound in their music, they have finally been able to release a single which is exciting to say the absolute least. 

At the end of December they released 'Beauty and the Beast'

As always, they sound and look amazing. And to think they put this music video and song together completely on their own without a high dollar company is just astounding. Most of us Black Rose have been patiently waiting for their comeback as we knew it would happen, just a matter of when. And finally we are blessed with their music once again. 

I did also want to add that Woosung released a solo song as well back in June 2021 called 'Lazy'.

And also 'Dimples' in September 2021

I strongly encourage everyone to look into their music and give them a chance. As I said, they're not very well known when they honestly should be. Hopefully in the coming months, years, etc. as they return from the military, we will see a surge in popularity with all new music they release. 

My personal favorite? 'She's in the Rain'

A BEAUTIFUL song. Absolutely perfect in every way. I link the lyric video because the actual music video got removed due to one of the polaroid's featured one of SHINee's Jonghyun's pictures from his Instagram. The collective decision was made to take down the mv as the trauma from Jonghyun's passing was so heavy and heartbreaking and also because they didn't have permission to use one of his pictures. If you type it in on Youtube, a fan has reposted the video so you can watch it. A beautiful music video, really. Would just be better if they went in and edited the picture out and reposted on their page.  

And that my friends is 'The Rose'. A musical icon in my eyes and household staple (especially when feeling really emotional). We look forward to the future and what 'The Rose' brings to the table and hopefully them becoming a huge success.

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