About HAS

Let's start from the beginning. 

HAS was formed on September 25th 2012 and was only referred to as Heart and Seoul. The HAS came around 3 years later. The blog originally just started with one writer. This being HAS Shanea (who is the creator). The blog eventually expanded with Vince joining on November 13, 2013(later left January 1, 2017); KDQ (Korean Drama Queen) joining on April 8, 2014; Glo joining on May 30, 2014; and Bunny joining on January 2, 2017. 

NONE of the writers, especially not Shanea, thought the blog would be a hit. Everyone just thought it would be a fun hobby and a place to rant and rave about our favorite Korean things.
Even 20k views was a RIDICULOUS number that seemed completely unheard of.

Fun fact though: Glo actually became a fan of HAS before she even joined the staff. She met Shanea through Facebook telling of how she loved the blog. Eventually after awhile, she naturally became a writer because she had many blog topics she thought would be great to write about.

Now the blog has evolved from just a fun space to share the writers thoughts of the Kpop world to an even more fun space to share the thoughts of Korea as a whole.
Typically, you won't see a completely negative post. HAS staff tries to keep everything on the more positive side. Yes there will be some criticism in some posts, but never fully negative. We like the thought of not tearing down a human being. As well as the bad, they also tell the good.

The main goals of the blog staff for now and the future to come is to continue connecting the K-World and entertaining everyone with their posts.

From the bottom of all the HAS staff's hearts, thank you to all the past, present, and future readers of this blog. We love you all very dearly!

-HAS Shanea

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